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Hard Dungeon Drops Change

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Made a soul binder and did the fire dragon hard dungeon. Got a drop that wasn't useful and I could do nothing with it, my suggestion is please just make hard dungeon drops sellable and tradeable.

Got an archer epic hat.

First response : Wow can't even use that. I thought they fixed the drops so you could get whatever item you needed from whichever dungeon but I'm getting a piece of gear I can't even use because it doesn't pertain to my class? Okay. I'll just send it to my friend who has an archer.

*This item is untradeable*

Me: Okay, I'll just sell it on the black market.

And wow, lookie there. Item can't be sold on the black market. What good is this item? What use does it serve as being a drop for me and my class if I can't use it, trade it, or sell it? I shouldn't have to throw out an epic item that I suffered half an hour to an entire hour for. Please fix Nexon.