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[LIVESTREAMS] Skybound Expansion Sneak Peek

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Join CM Cuddles and GM Spider Box for a Sneak Peek preview of the Skybound Expansion update!
We'll also be raffling off Founder's Packs codes!


Wednesday, December 5, 2018
- PST (UTC -8): 12:00 PM
- EST (UTC -5): 3:00 PM
- CET (UTC +1): 9:00 PM
- AEDT (UTC +11): 7:00 AM (DEC 6th)

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  • LittleMaddoxLittleMaddox
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    Looking forward to watching. :3
  • QtzQtz
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    was a pretty nice stream thanks , even if 80% of the stream was only prenium skins we still saw some nice things , and the training dummy in the house is a nice change :> i asked for that a few weeks ago but people did not seem interested ^^

    cant wait for the soulbinder and the mecha mount from the weekly wonders since the giveaway was rigged so i dont get a pony ! Kappa