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There needs to be more ways to obtain epic pets


  • facefacefaceface
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    Liliac wrote: »
    Uh yeah, GMS2 removed all alternatives to getting an epic pet so people saying that it should remain as such, no ty.

    Prices for other servers became stable and affordable for the average person because epic pets do come from CDungeons and fishing which we don't have.

    I'd like to have the same ALTERNATIVES of getting an epic pet as other servers thanks. Spending over 3days and 8k snares with God knows how many candies for NOTHING when someone else can get it in <10 snares because they got lucky isn't fair progression.

    I don't get why when one complains about RNG and fairness they always make a comparison on the two extreme end of the spectrum. How many "lucky" people are there that catches an epic pet in 10 snares? And how many people fall in the all end of 8k 0 epics? Answers: not many. Truth is most people fall in the average. You're just over exaggerating, epic pet offering so much value should stay at a high price point.
  • IcingcoldIcingcold
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    I spend more then 10k snares still no epic pet. If I give up it I get nothing and lost money, if I keep at it and still no epic pet, I would go nuts....