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Is it even worth reporting stolen UGC?

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It seems like there's little to nothing done when it comes to stolen UGC. With that i mean; someone steals a UGC from Design Shop on server X and post it on Design Shop on server Y.
It's now been two weeks since i first reported a stolen UGC and during this time i've provided all evidence needed, but it's still up for sale. The stolen UGC is now on the first page among Most Popular and second page over Top Sellers - and since the US market is more lucrative than the EU server (where i sell my UGC) that person is making more money/merets on MY creation and MY work than i do.
Needless to say, this is a giant F U to me personally and a "Go ahead!" to thieves and it seems like i'm not the only creator who's been treated with neglect.

So i'm just wondering: Is there any creator who's actually been helped and gotten their stolen UGC removed?
Is it worth reporting a stolen UGC when it doesn't seem to have any impact?


  • MochiAiMochiAi
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    Do not bother with UGC for the time being. You wont get any support and they wont help you with stolen designs. My friend also had her design ripped a week ago and she couldnt get the support to help her.
  • DanDKDanDK
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    Reporting anything in a Nexon game has zero impact as there is no active moderation to actually handle the requests.
    The only time any action is taken is when they randomly stumble upon something which would have happened with or without your specific report.