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Anyone get these friend requests?

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Lately the past week give or take random amounts of my characters receive friend requests from people saying similar things to this. Now I've never scammed which obviously Nexon could investigate if they choose too. Let's be honest probably won't but still. I just find it weird that this is applied to multiple of my chars where people are sending these messages including alts that I'm almost never on besides dailies. I've had a total of 1 b4 run cause RNG in this game makes sense (300 keys.) So I'm wondering how they even find out the names of my alts since friends lists aren't shared? You'd have to know each individuals name and report specific character which could lead to account ban/status issues but in terms of friend requests their only designated to that one character. Also every single one of these complaints comes from a level 1 character and close to 0 gear. Could just be an alt made to whisper my "scam" account but your telling me none of these "scammed" people had an alt? lol So I was just wondering if anyone else has had this happen. I think this is the problem with the community, if you call someone out or guilds out which I did previously on here and in game for hacking/botting as you guys may/may not have seen. However doesn't answer how they got access to all my alts names.

On top of everything that makes this weird, the person says all scammers say they arent. But I've never even responded to this or any requests period. So this just gets even more confusing to me honestly.


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    Hm No not yet of these ones. So far only meso sellers and funny enough, most of them are lv10 priests.