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Feedback & Suggestions after 300 hours of MS2 pt2

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If you did not read Part 1 yet start here.

Continuation of Feedback:
6. Dungeons
In this part Party Finder refers to the part of the UI where you look at and post recruitment listings while Queue refers to the "Find Party" buttons at the top of the challenge map.

6.1. The Queue options should start with the dungeon that has the highest eligible level at the top, so you don't have to scroll down all the way every time. The probability that anyone would want to use it for level appropriate content is way higher than the contrary. The order should reflect that.

6.2. The drop down menu specifiying (Normal Dungeons / Hard Dungeons / Raids / etc) in the Dungeon Directory should "remember" it's last setting on a given character. Again reducing the number of clicks needed to get to where you want to be because most of the times you do content of the same category in succession.

6.3. Party Finder UI should "remember" the state of the drop down menu specifying result priority (most members / least members / etc). QoL everywhere.

6.4. Party Finder UI could use something along the lines of search term favorites. (Click on them to automatically search for specifyable terms.)

6.5. Instead of the current recommended gear Dungeon descriptions should imply actually practical recommendations for weapons to be able to clear Hard Dungeons faster than a snail and raids within the time limit and maybe if there are mechanics that are unavoidable like in Temple of Immortals a recommended minimum for armor to not get OHKOd. Do not include accessories. Example FD:
Currently recommended by description: +10 exceptional weapon, completely exceptional armor with top + bottom +being +10, all epic accessories.
I would not recommend anyone wanting to run FD only having a +10 exceptional weapon except if they are actively trying to make the run as painfully slow as possible, while most people are perfectly fine doing it with +0 exceptional armor instead of +10. In addition to that - how is anyone who is still on a blue weapon supposed to have full set of epic accessories?
I heard about some controversy on the topic relating to raids and player expectations on what gear should allow them to clear so it seems to be at least some kind of issue accross the board.

6.6. Hard Dungeons have a rating system (C-B-A-S) that is currently not used for anything. I would like to see some kind of extra reward for it akin to raids. Don’t make it too good though since it would probably worsen the ability to find parties for players with lower GS even more. Maybe an increasing number of white pots / herbs or an extra amount of mesos. Just enough to actually make a difference between getting C or S and not enough to make players obsess over it.

6.7. Specific Dungeons:
- FD: you should not get points towards rank for treating burns because in the end it is a reward for getting hit, which is a thing you should want to avoid. In the second phase, if a fireball lands in or very close to one of the holes the AoE will be invisible(below ground level) but still hit you. Also theAoE of the Fireball sometimes takes longer to appear than it otherwise does.
- In Ludible Time Hall skipping the camera moving over to ancient pekanos should immediately return the camera to your character.
- In Muros Studio the introductive sequence including waiting for the woman to finish talking as well as the sequences containing the camera man walking through portals should be skippable. Also zooming in when the first boss spawns makes it hard to see what is going on around your character‘s position which is something that should be avoided in my opinion.
- In Tronix Bunker skipping the camera moving over the whole Dungeon in the beginning should immediately return the camera to your character.
- B4 keys seem to be really rare since I have not gotten one yet and spots are expensive and hard to find, maybe some kind of conversion from B1s to B4s would help alleviate some of the RNG there.
- In B1 / B4 score does not do anything, might as well remove it.
- Temple of Immortals: see (7.1.) §2 for why I think it is a badly designed fight.

6.8. The fact that every Dungeon or Raid after level 50 has an associated Gear Score requirement seems to be heavily distorting the conception of players in regards to what gear is actually needed to do more damage, which is the main measurement of contribution towards Dungeon / Raid clears. Lengthier description + example:
Everyone wants to clear fast but because of GS many people seem more than willing to equip Items that actually reduce their damage while giving more GS. Also people use mainly GS thresholds to find party members - which of course can be an indicator for damage - but especially in the range of GS where people are mainly grinding for a weapon worth upgrading they may all have a +0 epic weapon paired with different amounts of epic armor pieces and accessories. At this range of about 2.1k GS to approximately 3.2k GS - given the same weapon - the 2.1k player can do significantly more damage than the 3.2k player solely based on bonus Attributes. It is also in this interval where players seem to be the most misinformed/ignorant about those correlations. Another stat players seem to overrate to some degree is the Attack stat. Anyone who played multiple Classes should probably have noticed that this stat differs - while using the same level of equip - by a large margin. Also pets are getting completely ignored although they can be responsible for around 20% of your damage.
It would be great to see some level of education including the knowledge that GS is not the be-all end-all. (5.8), (5.9) & (6.5) might help. Maybe change how attack stat and/or GS are calculated, since they can be really misleading at the moment.

7. (Upcoming) Gear Progression
7.0. As far as I can tell the grind for Gear Progression is currently split into two major parts. Somewhat lengthy and partly exaggerated description of said phases:
The first seems to start at around 2.1k GS where in most cases the player has acquired an epic weapon that is not really worth upgrading and probably something along the lines of full blue armor + accessories. It essentially consists of doing a 1-2 certain Dungeons over and over again until finding an epic weapon that is worth upgrading (for my Archer it took 94 FD runs) while at the same time saving up a stash of weapons of the same type to fuel upgrades past +10. At this point it is highly likely a full set of epic armor with one offensive attribute each and probably two epic accessories which have some form of damage increase have been acquired along the way (at least if you weren’t extremely lucky with a weapon drop).
After having found an upgradeworthy weapon it is time to progress. On average i assume upgrading straight to +8 or even higher is entirely feasable even if "RNG hates you". At this point in time you also start getting parties whose members actually know what to do on a regular basis (priests start getting those immediately at 2.1k but lets assume you picked one of the 8 damage dealing classes) . Now the grind for more weapon duplicates and upgrade materials begins with a few runs for the epic accessories missing sprinkled in to reach Raids. From things I have seen until now this cycle is going to repeat in Raids with the addition of rerolls getting more important.
Currently I find the second part to be way more enjoyable than the first since not having to explain to players who don’t know what to do at least most of the time is kind of a relief. Also not being the one who carries 35 - 40% of overall damage done to the boss in a 4-man party in a really slow run just feels better.
7.1. As I have gathered from the dev blog there are plans to make this second part of the grind a bit easier on the mind by adding the ability to farm specific pieces of gear in specific Dungeons. This seems to be good news and I am hoping this change will not have negative effects on the first part of the grind. There is a very specific but in my eyes potentially devastating side effect to splitting the Item drops on the Dungeons like it is currently planned.
For this to make sense I will have to explain why I think that FD is actually really well suited for grinding the most in from a gameplay mechanics standpoint or at least better than for example Balrog, which will be - together with lube - the new FD in a sense since weapons will still be top priority:
The reason is that FD is a very mechanical fight and before everything else it is a skill check. If you know the mechanics and your execution is flawless you can literally run this Dungeon naked without ever getting hit for a single point of damage. Gear only empowers you to clear faster and make some mistakes without dying. Also getting hit by the stacking burn debuff is actual punishment for getting hit without being an OHKO mechanic (except when having a priest) even for players with better defensive stats since you either need to treat it or pot through to not lose damage uptime. Balrog on the other hand is from my experience either a gear check and a huge potion sink or a priest check. You need defense because you will get hit no matter what and you will die if you don't have enough of it. You also need good DPM because his practically undodgable (if its random, not after the stun) shout attack, that cuts your damage by ~40%, will hit you and without it the run will last an eternity if you survive it. If you have the gear though and preferably a priest instead of pots most things are not even worth trying to dodge since very short telegraphing and badly visualized hitboxes lead to you getting hit 70% of times anyway. The only „real“ mechanics are the big pillar swipe and of course remembering to do adds.
According to this and the fact that I do not think anyone likes using excessive amounts of potions I predict the demand for priests skyrocketing. Imagine all those FD runs, instead of currently going priestless, needing/wanting to wait for priests. I imagine this is going to be bad for alts and worse for new players. The only ones not affected would be people who already have really good gear since priests like fast runs as well. But thats just my take on things - time will tell.

7.2. What I would like to see would be some improvement on the first part I described, because during this time it is impossible to progress without wasting resources on equipment you will not use long term. Possibilities I see:
- Remove the possibility to roll useless Attributes on weapons i.e. Bows should not be able to roll INT or LUCK since only DEX and STR have an effect on physical attack for archers. This is already implemented for Elemental Damage types, so why not for Attributes?
- Taking this a step further would remove all Attributes as possible rolls that are not the Classes' main Attribute.
- Possibility to acquire weapon bonus attribute reroller and weapon bonus attribute locks.

8. Miscellaneous
8.1. Being able to bind chat commands to hotkeys would be nice.

8.2. A chat command to swap to a specific character without having to go through character selection would also be nice. (possibly managed by a number corresponding to a character slot)

8.3. Basing the main player and especially guild leaderboard on throphies does not make sense, since trophies do not have any kind of gameplay implications past 500. It is fine that those leaderboeards exist for players to compare but as the main means of comparison there should be a leaderboard that actually measures gameplay capabilities in some way. I do not have the experience needed to have profound ideas on what that might be as of yet though.

8.4. Idea: Game Settings critical for game performance should be adaptive to the content you are currently playing. I am imagining cases being predefined with a corresponding number of settings definable by the player. Don't know if this is even possible though. Example:
Set of predefined cases: If you are in a map on which there will be a World Boss Spawn in the next X minutes. If you are in a Dungeon. If you are in a raid. If doing an MC Kay event. While in a players house. Else.
When under the predefined circumstance your graphics and game settings would automatically change to whatever you defined before i.e. hide all players.
Since Else is an option it would only be necessary to do one set of settings and after that adding settings as the need should arise would suffice.

8.5. Idea: Adding to the game settings the possibility to only show other characters of specifyable classes - i.e. only knights and priests - to expand possibilities for lower end PC specs to reduce performance issues while still being able to easily see party members that are crucial for gameplay. On the same topic an option to show generic class specific player models instead of completely hiding them might possibly increase performance since less effects need to be loaded and animated at the same time while also making the game feel less empty on lower settings or increasing visual clarity for endgame content. Combining this with (8.4) would take graphics settings to a whole new level of possibilities.

8.6. I do not like the idea of getting gameplay altering stats for real world money in any way, shape or form. Accordingly I think getting movespeed if you are a premium member should be removed.

8.7. According to the latest dev blog there are plans to make it harder for bots to acquire sellable Items. I would like you to keep in mind that every change in that regard also reduces player freedom or choice. Also players will care more about that than bots do obviously. Since I read a lot about character-binding things I would like you to consider only making them untradeable so players who like to play on their alts get less of a disadvantage.

8.8. MC Kay’s Spring Beach should have a portal to exit the area that is reachable before all rounds have concluded.

9. Performance, Responsiveness & Consistency
If anything in here looks like a bug I don’t have any clue how to reproduce this. Also I think 9.9.+ should be known issues but I’ll leave them just in case.

9.1. Health bars shown in the party window seem to lag behind health bars over players heads, which is annoying when playing priest.

9.2. Sometimes it takes multiple attempts / excessive amount of time to pick up buffs.

9.3. Sometimes when loading into instances it takes up to 10 seconds for buffs I had previously to reappear. During this time I am also not able to use dodge abilites.

9.4. Sometimes the UI containing monster information does not show spawn times of World Bosses.

9.5. On Alkimi Island and Berg Island there seems to be some weird issue where your characters position sometimes becomes desynced from the server. The resync results in being teleported up to a few meters.

9.6. When trying to swap channels directly after entering a specific map, where the target channel is crowded but not yet full (mostly shortly before WB spawns), the attempt to swap channels fails because the targeted channel is supposedly full. When trying again 1-3 times it actually works. This happens on such a regular basis that I don’t believe randomly leaving players are the cause.

9.7. The spot you need to hit the World Boss carcass on to trigger meso and elixir drops is sometimes not hittable by the Archer’s Arrow Stream ability and depending on the death animation not even at the same spot as the carcass itself.

9.8. When trying to capture a pet it sometimes walks over snares without getting captured.

9.9. Volatile ping on World Bosses, especially event ones like giant turkey (which can at times reach latencies of over 10 seconds - yes, actual seconds.)

9.10. Poor performance when rendering many players, which is a pity since MS2 is an MMO.

9.11. The game‘s performance is getting progressively worse the longer it is played. This process is sped up by swapping characters and/or instances often. It will get worse until the game finally closes itself, if you actually were able to bear with the slideshow and excrutiating loading times up to this point. Normally I feel forced to restart the game before that though. Probably a memory leak issue.

PC specs for reference: Win10, i7-7700K, GTX 1070, M.2 SSD, 16GB RAM

Designwise recurring themes I have been noticing include missing, incomplete or inaccurate information ingame, a sometimes excessive dependence on RNG, crude UI / menus and a lack of QoL. If those areas would be improved upon it would in my opinion enable a way better experience for players.


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    Good read. Very good points.

    BUT ... almost all of this was discussed multiple times in the beta phase. No comments or changes from NEXON followed. I worked out some german localization problems and they fixed that because it was a minor topic without gameplay changes for the release and it was work in progress. I'm sure there will be no more big QoL and gameplay changes because you would need to get deeper into the code than just switching up some numbers like hardmode drops. More work and less money for the company short term. The long term stability of MapleStory2 is very questionable.