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[mml_thing] mml to ms2mml tool with extra features

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mml_thing is a simple tool for post-processing 3mle files.

You can find the full release notes and download link at musical nexus. The post has setup, help, examples and more. I also monitor it for user feedback. I hope this tool helps you focus on writing badass songs instead of copy-pasting things ;)

Here is an overview of features :
  • propagate Adds tempo/performance tempo/volume from your first track to all tracks. Adds performance tempo and volume if missing.
  • normalize_velocity When importing midi files with velocity, the velocity steps are often really wide and noticeable. Fixes this by narrowing the gap between velocity "steps" and makes everything louder.
  • clean Currently removes endlines.
  • ms2mml Outputs the file in Maple Story 2 format so you can "Open File" in the game's sequencer.
  • batch mode By specifying a folder as input, the tool will process all '.mml' files in the specified folder non-recursively. All options currently work in batch mode.

Happy composing! o/