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Pokemon Lets go Pikachu / Evee is ELITIST!

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edited 10:27AM November 20, 2018 in General Chat
Help!! New pokemon game is SO ELITIST! They have the ELITE FOUR! I HATE THAT!!! Why can't I be just as good as the ELITE FOUR with my level 5 squirtle!! Not fair nintendo! Spread the word and boycott Nintendo cause its elitist, all pokemon are equal and they should get rid of the ELITE FOUR! Good thing they got rid of gambling in the game its so much more fun without it!

The Elite four is a toxic concept! They should be renamed to the "Friendly Four" and they should give lots and lots of handouts to new players like 100 Rare candies! And they need to make it easy to catch Shiny pokmeon cause its way to ELITIST for me to grind for over half an hour just to catch pokemon! I should have a shiny pokemon every 5 minutes max!!!

*sniffle , my mummy helped me edit this cause my little fingers hurt to much having to type all these words, its so ELITIST having to make big long messages*