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Info I'd like to see in weekly blogs

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So Nexon keeps giving us the numbers of meso bots that are being banned, but I don't find those statistics useful or informative because they will just keep making accounts. 500, 5,000, 50,000 of them banned, it really doesn't mean anything. A number that would actually be useful and informative would be the number of meso buyers banned.

The bots aren't the ones driving the demand, the buyers are. If it wasn't profitable for the bots, they woukdn't keep polluting the game, right? So letting us know how many people you have banned that are the ones driving the market is a much more useful number. Because... you are actually attempting to stop the bot infestation by banning the people who fund them... right? :) The best way to prove that is to inform us.


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    Bet we'll never see those numbers, because obviously they're not going to want to ban the people actively playing the game and giving them money, even if they do support illegal activities :)