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Some life quality imporvement

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It's good to have the visual aid in the in-game midi editor. However, I believe most ppl will still stick to the third party software, like Maple Beats. There is an issue occurred to me while I was importing finished music into the game: the tempo is really messed up. Some pieces of the music are easy to handle because they only have one tempo from start to end. However, the others change their tempo frequently. The problem is that in the Maple Beats, the tempo, including those of the other tacks, is dictated by the first track. But ms2 is different. YOU HAVE TO SPECIFY TEMPO FOR EACH TRACK. This is certainly inconvenient and maybe even hectic to some people. Besides the characters limit and tracks limit, now we also have to deal with tempo. It's not hard, you just have to add the right tempo at the right place, but as I said, inconvenient. And it's hard to tell whether there're any mistakes made in maple beats since, as I said, the tempo is completely dictated by the very first track. The only way to find any issues is to copy and paste to the in-game editor, which is not very good compared to Maple Beats.