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were they high when they made bulwark?

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defend 11 people? that is a little overkill


  • AwenAwen
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    After level 7 (I think, on mobile so I can’t check) when it protects 10 people for raids, the rest of the levels are just to reduce the CD. Though protecting more than 10 would still be useable for non-instanced content like world bosses (not that they’re usually hard enough to warrant using it)
  • LastTourniquetLastTourniquet
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    I could be wrong but it might be meant for later content where an NPC might be thrown into the mix. Imagine a fight like the Balrog Dungeon where the NPC comes in and helps. Since that NPC does technically count as an ally it does take up one of the max players Bulwark can shield. So if they ever do a dungeon with an NPC in it and that NPC happens to be in the shield with everyone else there would only be a 1/9 chance (since the Knight will always block themselves) that no player characters would die/get hit.

    In short. Pretty sure its meant as a precaution for future content.