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Making Mobbing relevant/possible Enchantment qol

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I just want to say so far i really enjoy maplestory 2 but what i really miss from old maplestory (havent touch it in years idk if ppl really still mob) is just grinding by mobbing for a good couple hours so here is where i want to have a discussion on a possibility to make mobbing more relevant in the game and/or making it worth doing but not detour from the main dungeon grinding if that is what ppl prefer. right now the only thing really worth grinding from mobs are potion solvent which im sure alot of ppl are saving waiting to get the perfect stat pet and all. I also want to say i personally do not have much problems wit the dungeon grinding at all but im aware of ppl annoyed of enchantment gambles so here are some ideas to align mobbing with being useful to enchantment but this is more of a optional way to grind for those already bored of dungeons and not a more faster free route.

1) increasing meso and item drops: i have a slight feeling that meso grinding from mobs gives so little is because they are trying to avoid making the game p2w to not start out wit a bad reputation despite being nexon but so far they amazing job done on it. so why offer the idea? before mobbing was a great way to farm exp back in ms1 but now that its faster to do the main story basically throw lvling out the window. a slight meso increase imo, dont think it will hurt the game and as for item percent drop is to gain extra onyx crystals.

2) catalyst drops: being able to farm a good amount of onyx crystal, possibly crystal fragments, or metacells. the drop rate should obviously get lower for the more rare catalyst but maybe this method of farm would encourage ppl to take the more safe route of enchanting if we can actually get a good amount of supply instead of trying to gamble everything. with the community burning out on repeating dungeons and frustration of enchanting there gonna eventually need to be a catalyst farming method.

3) enchanting scrolls drops: so this idea will go a little off but instead of dropping free enchantment scrolls, the idea is that these "scrolls" should be used as to increase percent chance of enchanting wit orphelia such as each one has a 1% increase chance to enchant. as for peachy safe route should be more of a .5% discount (the reason for this being lower than 1% is from the fact this could possibly reach 100%).

4) potions drop: this could go 2 different ways and that is either farming for health potions or possibly grind for resources to craft tonics. cant go wrong with farming health potions but the reason for not being able to farm directly for the tonics is to probably prevent this from being abused and everyone overflow with tonics. however the other reason for crafting the tonic is having a higher drop chance of a resource but need multiple to craft sounds more better to spending time away rather than pray for that gamble drop feeling.

again tho this is mainly to encourage players to look for hunting grounds rather than the complete alternative to run away from dungeons as they would still need to hunt for extra pieces going past the 10th upgrade. the drop chances is probably what would make or break the idea and im not too sure how they should be but if anyone could leave constructive comments on this or if youre against it then plz leave a reasoning why and if so then would u suggest any fair way to make mobbing something really worth doing.


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    They wont do that because of bots. They already made gridning WORSE than it was in CBT. (they lowered drop)