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Using a Pad(PS4) and buttons become "stuck".

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Since the Chaos Raids demand more from a player this bug became much more noticeable as I die from the smallest mistake. Buttons from my pad(PS4) are being used out of my control. For example, I have the Jump bound to the X-button. I have my Heal on my L1+X Quickslot. I would Heal then let go of both R1 and X. I then immediately start Jumping as if the button was stuck. This could happen to ANY button on the controller. The only way to fix it when it happens is to Look at what action your character is repeating and press that corresponding button. Keyboards do not have this issue I don't see why Pads would.


  • PuppyPowrPuppyPowr
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    I have the same problem as well with using a controller. Its so annoying when it happens because most of the time, you sit there and watch your character die because you think you're doing something else when all you're doing is jumping or doing a different attack without any spirit to attack with.
  • NiroTWNiroTW
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    I've got the same issue and it started after the Chaos patch. Previous to that my PS4 Gamepad worked flawlessly. Seemingly at random (but at least once per dungeon) one of my buttons gets stuck, and when it happens with my Macro which I have bound to my R1-button, there is no way to get it unstuck, not even tapping the button.
  • DrakesBlueDrakesBlue
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    This is nothing new. I made a thread about this same problem about a week ago, and it's been an issue since CBT. Don't know why they haven't found a fix for it by now.