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Weapon enchant order priority (MH/OH)

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My main hand is +14 and my off hand +13.
Should I get my main hand to +15 first, or should I get my off hand to +14 before making my main hand +15?
  1. What order of enchanting your weapons is most favorable regarding damage?21 votes
    1. Prioritise MH to +15
       71% (15 votes)
    2. Prioritise OH to +15
       0% (0 votes)
    3. Prioritise balance (EG. never try to have a gap in MH & OH Enchant level)
       29% (6 votes)


  • NightThiefNightThief
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    Dude really? Of course your main hand, upgrading your off hand to +15 first is a waste and will not even be close to giving you a power spike compared to the main hand
  • LastTourniquetLastTourniquet
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    I have only seen people doing Main Hand and Equal. It is a waste to do off-hand. As for which of the two between MH or Balance it depends on your build. If your build mostly focuses on Main Hand then just do that.
  • EcchiOtakuTMEcchiOtakuTM
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    Main hand rush. Even if a vicious cuts user main hand rush. just try to keep off-hand within 5 of the main hand.
  • counterbagelcounterbagel
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    main for sure. off hand doesn't do much for you damage wise unless you run VC build but even then main hand is still a priority.