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A suggestion for suggestions.

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As I scroll through suggestions/feedback forum, I see a lot of subjectivity in the form of "WTF? You realy whant to kidding uns Nexon?", or "hey Nexon, manage your game", or "Nexon, your community is starting to feel robbed.", and these are from titles alone. Quite a few of the suggestions in the suggestions and feedback forum are earnest in their discussing of things Nexon could consider for future updates/patches. However, it has come to my attention that some people operate on the mentality that Nexon is inherently wrong if a game mechanic/change they do not like is in play, or if one they do feel is needed, is not. Please consider the following picture of two sides of view (100% homegrown MSPaint art):

Traditional culture and history is partially to blame for my personal past assumptions, but when I ventured a bit into development projects, and expectations by prospective consumers, I instantly began to observe scenarios where consumers end up "biting the hand that feeds" based on the same general logic I once had. They believed that potential changes they championed and that felt needed to be addressed/enacted, and if they were not, the people in charge of those changes or hearing out those changes as a mouthpiece, were often admonished as a result.

I would like Maplers, who would otherwise rant, to objectively think and consider not just what they believe would be beneficial for this game, but why it would be beneficial, what steps would help in bringing out the change, so on and so forth. Lets all not bite the hand that feeds.
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