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How are you enjoying thief ?

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in Thief
What do you like about your thief ? What do you dislike ? Do you guys think thief will be getting a nice buff next patch? Do you wish you made another class instead of thief ? Like runeblade ?

Just wondering because I main Zerk but really like Thief style for an alt.



  • PetitPetit
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    If GMS follows KMS, and I'm 99.9% sure it will, thieves will not be getting any buffs.
  • EcchiOtakuTMEcchiOtakuTM
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    Everything that isn't rng or prerequisite skill cost I like. Never wanted another class except striker and made thief instead since striker is not here. Overall love the class so far.

  • SpamuraiSenseiSpamuraiSensei
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    It's a fun class that isn't nearly as hard as people are making it out to be. Nothing difficult about waiting for a cunning proc and using the appropriate abilities.
  • poocipooci
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    Thief is my favorite class to be honest with you, I like the play style of it and haven't found another class that gives me the same enjoyment that thief does.

    It is a lot of work try and gear compared to other classes, and sometimes people just kick you from parties as soon as you join due to your class.

    With that being said though, I still probably won't be changing my main from thief anytime soon; they are too fun not to!
  • SentineIsSentineIs
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    Fun class, not as hard as people make it out to be, but it has a high skill ceiling. Every dungeon I run, I can see areas I can improve on, to make that FD go just that much faster, or a build I can optimize to make Tris that much more bearable.

    I love the build variations you can do, and how there is no BEST build out there. Each build has its niche where it will outperform the rest. SA builds are good for when the boss is hyper mobile, PE + RG nets great constant damage, VC + A priest is DEEEEPs, Blade Dancing boss mechanics like balrog swing, and Tris accuracy debuff is a lot of fun as well.

    I'm always trying out new things everyday, and it never gets old. Now that fairfight is finally a bit fairer to thieves, I'm hitting 10k dps more then I was before, from 20k to 30k with the same weapons. So feeling pretty good.
  • LastTourniquetLastTourniquet
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    What do you like about your thief ? What do you dislike ? Do you guys think thief will be getting a nice buff next patch? Do you wish you made another class instead of thief ? Like runeblade ?

    This is, by far, the most enjoyable class in my opinion. Its the only class that seems to actually challenge the player in any sort of way. Every other class seems to be a 2-4 button class and their combos are really simple, but the RNG nature of the Thief makes it so that not only do you have to actually pay attention to what your doing but your combos will sometimes change based on if you get a lucky string of Cunning Procs or and unlucky string of no procs at all (longest I have gone without procs is 15 seconds.. it was a rough day). Similar to what Sentinels said I enjoy the build variation. There are 4 builds that I know of that all do acceptable DPS which is nice since if I get bored with one I can just switch it up for a completely different play style. Also having our main defensive skill (Blade Dance) be an ability that essentially gives i-frames for a seconds is always a fun mechanic.

    That said there are some things I don't like about Thief. Mainly 2.
    1. The fact that we have to put so much more work into our rotations but aren't rewarded with nearly as much damage as other classes are for it. A skilled player playing a Thief will never be able to deal as much damage as a similarly geared and similarly skilled Zerk player.
    2. The Thief has no party buffs or other advantages they can give to the party unlike every other class other classes.
    Priest has.. well there entire Kit.
    Knight has the all important Bubble.
    Wizard has Focus Seal.
    Archer has Sharp Eye.
    Heavy Gunner has Med Kit.
    Rune Blade has Honing Runes.
    The only other two classes that do not have a team advantage they can give (Berzerker and Assassin) both have insane amounts of DPS if played correctly.
    This wouldn't be an issue for me if Thief just did an insane amount of damage, like the previously mentioned Zerker and Sin, but they don't. The only time I have ever seen a Thief near the top of the DPS board is when they simply out geared everyone else which doesn't count.

    They are fun, but realistically if you are looking for a class that is going to be useful for your group and not worried about how fun it is, play something else.
  • UinixUinix
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    I completely agree with what LastTourniquet said. Out of all the classes I've tried, thief is most defiantly the most "challenging" and most fun class out of the rest. Thief requires you to actually think about what you are doing in terms of rotation and builds, whereas the other classes are pretty much braindead imo. Though thief could use some buffs, I believe that the damage we're doing now is fine, even though we aren't as viable as the other classes out there.