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Theif - Low damage?

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Hey Guys

Recently started playing, and went for a Thief as i have always like playing as a rogue-like character. Playing with at friend who is an assassin, and he outdamages me by miles. Im only level 28 though, which may explain some things, but i generally feel like the class has low damage. Can anyone help me shine a light on why?

Thanks in advance.


  • Thief_DewayneThief_Dewayne
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    Assassin, is the best dps in the game atm so yes you will be out damaged by miles, thief has good damage, you just have to pay attention to a lot of things to maximize damage.
  • SentineIsSentineIs
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    Thief underperforms a bit right now, but shouldn't be by much if you play it well. Thats the hard part, playing it well. It also is very sp dependent, something you only get with levels. But if you level up you get hit with fairfight, which affects classes that rely on passives more heavily.

    Overall thief will be in a better place after nov 8th when fairfight is retuned. But for you, you just need to learn the class more and get some SP.
  • anigzanigz
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    Thief is top 3 DPS currently.