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Mandatory Vs Optional Abilties.

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I wanted to say from testing, going back to not having them at all, it's honestly a bit detrimental not to take cunning tactics. I have tried forgoing them with a multitude of builds but the results end up being the same. It is possible for a non-cunning tactics builds to hover around the same dps through luck, but there isn't any type of gain incentive forgoing the move which also restores more sp than 2 double slashes, not to mention a heavy lost of consistency(builds just outright lost consistent numbers). I'd personally say even without packing 2 cunning moves, cunning tactics is a must have skill. While someone may say the move has no damage, ignoring that it gives certain high damage skills even more damage is heavily misinforming one's self. Even up to a surprise attack build will have another high power skill behind which makes great use of cunning. At first I thought there could be incentive because of how much double slashes you could get off before poison edge timed out let alone cunning tactic's cooldown. But did not take into account the animationless sp restoration, which allowed higher power moves to be used back to back, and heavily underestimated rng which actually did cause more edge DoT drops then I would normally have.

Now for quickstep for the current content at least, I've yet to notice any instance where you'd mandatory need it aside from pvp. I used the move often as well, but most of the times I've used it, I would have enough movement speed to make the same trip regardless in a different instance or even mount up if that's the case still not needing to use mindbreaker. And quickstep isn't comparable to mindbreaker's dodge, sp restoration, or it's damage, if one opts more points towards it. It is a shame it's the only thing we use stamina for, ignoring mounts, but that isn't enough of a justification to take if majority of the time even catching up to a boss with all 3 dashes is no different from walking. However this is exclusively testing it while still using haste. Haste-less builds might want to opt for quickstep due to lack of movement speed.

And I almost forgot 1 point Blade Dance, it is useful for certain situations as a "1 point"(albeit 2) wonder but cause Im use to retailiation, just leaving blade dance at 1 point feels lackluster with how simple mechanics are to work around. Until future content happens where putting points towards it as a 1-point wonder(Some bs low occurring, 1 time proc mechanic like stunning shouts where there aren't gaps in the map yet so instead you have to somehow reach the map's edge to fall down in time but more damage than that) it's extremely optional. This is not talking about blade dance builds but just "1 pointing" blade dance for the dodge.

Now for thief skills, what are your thoughts on them being mandatory vs optional based on your build? Even up to the amount of points for certain abilities is fine to bring up.

This is not a full build breakdown thread just why certain skills might be more preferable to have at 1-10 vs opting out completely on certain build types.

If possible and I would highly recommend to say the general build type you're doing if possible before saying your thoughts.

For example: "I'm using a Hybrid Vicious build, my thoughts are"

This is not a full build breakdown thread just why certain skills might be more preferable to have at 1-10 vs opting out completely on certain builds.


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    Id say for almost every competitive damage build Haste is mandatory, as a thief we have a lot of skills (way too many) that we can create a skill set around the main difference it comes down to for each build is maximizing your uptime on whatever you're hitting. Which is why a lot of high-level players take things like quick step and blade dance to create larger windows to do damage to their target. Such as, dodging a stun ability like balrogs life drain, it may not seem like a lot if you do it once but if you dodge it 5-6 times in a fight which he does it ALOT you're getting almost an extra 30 seconds of damage in you wouldn't otherwise. The same for quick step, I mostly use it for closing gaps or dodging small abilities such as Fire Dragons fireball ability in the second phase because it simply increases the amount of time I have to hit the boss just quick stepping out of the zone as opposed to running out of it. Which brings me back to my earlier point that Haste is mandatory because the more you hit something the more value you're getting out of haste to allow you to do comparable damage to other classes. At least those are my opinions.
  • JoshenRebornJoshenReborn
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    Many thieves who are struggling to find their rotation don't like the spirit drain of haste, but if I'm not using haste I feel like I'm not doing any damage. I keep haste up 100%, I live in haste unless I happen to die. The next skill I don't think I could do without is Mindbreaker.
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    Max cunning is better then Max Meso Guard. They pulled the same dps but it was easier to maintain spirit with Max cunning. Tests done over 1 minute spares.

    Id say 1 Cunning is Mandatory.

    I use a max VC/HASTE/SK/DC/CT build now. Was the easiest damage rotation of them all and pulled the same numbers.