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Suggestions for a more complete game

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Hello everyone, my IGN is Vitoca and I play on the South American server, after playing for a few weeks, some ideas came up in my head so that the game could be more complete and better for everyone, here are some suggestions:

About house system
The system of houses is a very interesting differential in the game,
but I think its potential has been little explored.

1. Making the creation of more houses per player, many players like me, have the will to create themed houses but we can not put all our ideas in just one house, for example: I would like to create a room just for games, rooms only for souvenirs,
another one for planting and breeding, another thematic one for halloween, another Christmas themed, or a room interconnecting other rooms, among other ideas, because it would be an interesting change: it would stimulate the creativity and casuality already existing in the game without harming other aspects.

2. Create an interface for room navigation based on the number of players present in the residence. Why this change would be interesting: it would encourage sociability among players and create socially-focused rooms like music festivals and other rooms always filled with players.

3. Remove or augment limited space for room creation. Because this change would be interesting: At times some players like me feel like making big, creative rooms, like a room with mountains, or cities among other ideas.

4. Furniture of interaction between player with player and player with the room like for example: a television with system of link to reproduce any media of Internet (I would like to watch videos and memes with my friends, we would make sessions of cinema within the maplestory 2)
All of these suggestions would result in: Stimulating sociability and creativity, and potentially attracting new audiences to the game, as well as building loyalty to the existing audience.

About fishing system
The fishing system is interesting, but there is nothing very exciting involving the fish caught,
the potential of this system should be explored and appreciated.

1. We fished creatures, it would be interesting if we could interact with these creatures, perhaps an aquarium system where we could expose the animals we fished would show the true potential os the system with the house system.

About the merets system
It is a great admiration that nexon is avoiding to the maximum the pay to win and basing its profits only on the esthetics of the personages, which I consider
risky but considering we are talking about maplestory 2, is a correct, since the game gives many margins to change the style of everything that
is around us and leave everything unique to our taste.

1. The merets system is unbalanced for the South American players, speaking for me, who have a relatively high purchasing power, the sensation
of investing money in the game is not at all comfortable, since the merets are sold in dollars, which is 4x higher than the value of the Brazilian currency, and the Brazilian minimum wage is much more
lower than the minimum wage in North America. Let me give you a clear example: the halloween set provided by the style currency exchange is
about 33% of the minimum wage, I've already spent it and I did not even get close to getting the coins needed to get the set, I know players who have spent 100% of the value
regarding the minimum wage to get the set, is an investment that really weighs in the pocket, and that if it were more affordable would mean more investment
of the players for the game, I, for example, already spent some money in the game, but I do not want to invest anymore because the value is really too high for us Brazilians.

About dungeon system
The dungeon system needs some fixes

1. Changes in the team locator function, players often get frustrated because many of the teams that are theoretically seeking
players to complete their teams, often are already complete or the activity has already started,
but simply still appears as recruiting players,
then a tiresome cycle of entering and leaving a team has been created until one is found that conforms to the sought-for specifications. I think that with some
Manual and automatic requirements configurations can be easily solved.

2.Changes in some dungeons to avoid rush mode where players traverse the entire map avoiding enemies to finally reach the final boss, I believe if there are enemies,
they must be defeated, we see this often in a bunker.

OBS: I am loving the different types of dungeons present in the game, they are many different and creative.

About pet system

1. Transform all existing pets into combat pets,
some pets are not fighting, instead they have a differential of 14 inventory spaces
but in practice nobody uses them, they are very interesting pets to collect for being obtained in an unconventional way, but in practice they are useless
and no one uses them, as they do not offer combat bonuses,
and no one seems to care about the extra spaces in comparison to the battle bonuses.

About event system
The events of Maplestory 2 are quite exciting, as shown so far in the whimsical Halloween event taking into account the game's launch interval
but often there are many events at the same time,
leaving the players confused.

1. Unification of the information of all the events that are happening in a single window.

About UCG System
The maplestory 2 UCG system is one of the biggest differentials in the game, and it is very exploited, but it has even greater potential

1.Creating a system to enable players to create their own model, is not so complex, imagine the game house system, where it is possible to create a large sword
with the blocks, then transforming into a design-enabled model.


About Nexon Support
It's admirable how the Nexon team both by the site and the discord, is paying attention and considering the feedback of the players, that's exactly what motivated me to write
this topic of suggestions, I would like to congratulate the VFM of the discord, for always being willing to solve the problems of the players.
On general aspects and observations
The visual and sonorous aspect of the game are very good, but it has some annoying points, such as the total lack of emotion and animation in the custcenes,
almost completely silent, the feeling that provides is that the nexon only put custcene to say that it has, the movement of the characters is very strange
also in the custcenes.
From a Maplestory 2 performance standpoint it's terrible, I know the nexon is aware, even so I will give my feedback, I own a 6700 i7, GPU 1080, 16 GB ram
and my game is installed on an SSD, even so, my game runs on average 40-60 fps, except in the world boss that number decreases to 15 at most.

That's it for now.
, praising that these are my opinions and of players with whom I interact, remembering that the suggestions are to complete
the functions of the game, and does not turn it into a totally casual game, after all the RPG progression system is very
good and exciting. If I make a mistake, I apologize, thank you for your attention.

I do not write much in English, sorry for the mistakes.


  • PinkFoxxyPinkFoxxy
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    imma add oene

    house decorating in this game is so complicated and hard and slow Q_Q i wish it was more like the sims
  • VitocaVitoca
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    PinkFoxxy wrote: »
    imma add oene

    house decorating in this game is so complicated and hard and slow Q_Q i wish it was more like the sims

    Thanks for the contribution