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Which Epic Weapon to Enchant?

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Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I basically have a pair of every epic dagger except the MSL Onyx Dagger, but I don't know which weapon I should enchant and which weapon would be most beneficial to me a long term.

So, which daggers should I enchant?
  1. Which Dagger?15 votes
    1. Murpagoth
       40% (6 votes)
    2. Springer's
       7% (1 vote)
    3. Ancient Rune
       27% (4 votes)
    4. Get MSL
       27% (4 votes)


  • SentineIsSentineIs
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    Now that all 3 weapons work in all the raids it is a question of effect and availability. Both Murpa and MSL have a good effect, with Rune being a bit more class specific. However, Murpa outshines the other two due to availability and accessibility. Fire Dragon is one of the most run, and most beginner friendly dungeons in the entire game, you don't need a priest, or a knight, or any specific class to run it. Whereas Barlog would be cancerous with a knight and a priest, and Tris without a priest, fire dragon is easy to do, quick even with beginners and popular.

    So Murpa is the best to hit +15 with. You will get weapons a lot easier so long as you don't have a dedicated group for Tris or Lubelisk.
  • EcchiOtakuTMEcchiOtakuTM
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    Personally I prefer msl because a boss might run while murpagoth buff is up since thief can't always unload for those 10 seconds in that time. Murpa are better for burst type builds though since they don't mind down time as much as sustain damage builds.

    But it doesn't really matter between the two. One has a better burst potential but might suffer if a boss leaves during that time while one is more consistent but just does half for 2x duration.

    Although if someone actually tested and put the downtimes between the two could help in choosing better.

    Ancient rune are fun as hell but didn't come close to the other two in actual use for me. While springer's just don't come anywhere close to any of the 2 in terms of boost and it can't have stats on it like the other 3 (22% vs 18%/9% which jump to 72%/36% which even without the quad effect still have double penetration on them and far more easily upgradeable albeit thief's 1500 daggers are cheap for now)

    That being said once weapons start hitting 13+ it really doesn't matter much just preference, but I would suggest msl basically but murpagoth if you're rotating closer to a burst build.

    Edit: I wouldn't choose a weapon based off being able to get runs since they're limited per day/week anyways. Running FD constantly doesn't drop anything of sellable value while lube, beyond and even rune drop 4 highly demanded items. MSL is in two of these
  • LastTourniquetLastTourniquet
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    I prefer Rune Dagger for thief because more attack speed means more spirit and more cunning procs. More Spirit and Cunning procs means I get to do more stuff. Doing more stuff means I feel more engaged in the game. Being more engaged in the game is fun.