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how many players have 4500 gear score?

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Even with the double drop event, that is bloody a lot. I feel like 4000 would have been a lot more realistic, though majority of population are probably just pushing 3000 rught now.


  • KewkkyKewkky
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    More than half my guild is past 4500.
  • XenociderOmegaXenociderOmega
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    Full epics and a +12 or higher weapon
    Should get you to 4.5k
  • HosuHosu
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    I somehow broke 4k GS yesterday and was super proud. Didn't do anything except +11 my weapon, so I was like "whoo I am totally set for raids now haha".

    Then they posted the requirements and I was like


    I'm estimating that 4500 would require a +12 weapon, and full hard epics with some (if not all) of those reasonably enhanced. I don't think that's an unreasonable request; it's definitely not for those that haven't put time and effort into grabbing good gear. It makes this double drop event even more ideal, since at this point I am just dismantling everything for onyx.
  • Techn0mancerTechn0mancer
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    I'm like one weapon upgrade away, so yeah. Double drop events mean everyone and their brother has a +15 now, except me. lulz Except the people that join after the double drop event, and heaven help those poor folks... Really don't know what Nexon's plan for them is, unless they are literally going to give starting players 4K armor sets when they hit lvl 60, which at this point, might as well.
  • KewkkyKewkky
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    Don't forget about bonus attributes. Bosses will have beefed up defense, evasion, physical/magical resists, you name it. Dealing 450m hp within 15 minutes is actually harder than it sounds if you're only doing unbuffed base damage.
  • XenociderOmegaXenociderOmega
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    Kewkky wrote: »
    Don't forget about bonus attributes. Bosses will have beefed up defense, evasion, physical/magical resists, you name it. Dealing 450m hp within 15 minutes is actually harder than it sounds if you're only doing unbuffed base damage.

    This is going to hit alot of ppl hard. I've seen so many ppl with 5k gs with terrible bonus stats. I saw a 5.2k gs wizard with 1.8% piercing 8% magical piercing and 88 accuracy rofl
  • SecrotsSecrots
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    Well, focusing on actual stats, I'm 4.8k. I really hope I don't need to toss out legendary gear every time it has lines that don't work for me.
  • BananaCatBananaCat
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    I managed to get 4327 on my Priest with a +11 wep and tons of +7 epic armor.. Her wep is not ideal. As well as her stats for damage but she will be heal bot so not to worried about how much damage I do. I presume the Priests will be busy keeping all 9 players healths up.

    My Berzerker sits at around 3900+ with a +10 wep and almost all mediocre FD armor with no enhancements... I think a blue necklace and Belt are only things non epic. So will need a wep upgrade and a few armor upgrades. Gonna be tough. I can swap out my blue gear for purple but I will lose out on alot of piercing and that is not good. Although I have no idea. I think the jump up from +10 to +11 is a big jump in attack and gear score. Was on my Priest anyway. Gotta grind more.

    I think for Priests and other classes it may be hard not being able to enchant our offhand weapon. Will see. Used up all my onyx crystals. Got 20 runs on each. Hopefully got enough time to actually get my weps up a few more enhancements. With my rng luck though will probably fail a bunch.. :x

    It is gonna be close. My other alts won't make it in time. They are my farmers for onyx and chaos crystals. Will need em to run and just dismantle everything and send to my main two. Will be a grindy weekend.

    I am kinda torn. It would have been nice to have it 4000k gear score but I think with 4500 it will work out for the community and game. Will keep people running the hard dungeons and won't obsolete em. So i guess it evens out. Our Characters Journey and work is kinda falling into place now. To be honest , I would say not many will be ready. Maybe 1/3 of the player base. This will separate the casuals from the hardcores. Its easy to get 4500 gear score but to get 4500 gear score with ideal stats is the hard part. That is all up to RNG gods.
  • KatsKats
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    I've got around 4.2k GS on my assassin with blue/exceptional ring, necklace, boots and top.
    Both weapons at +12.
    Getting 4.5k isn't gonna be much of a problem.
  • yudcyudc
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    I'm slightly below 4.5k because I use a high pierce savagery accessory and a blue 6% magic piercing glove.
  • SeffronSeffron
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    I just passed 4501 gs and I still need to take my weapon +11 to +12 to be even +12 viable. That is the main reason why 4500 is there, to be able to clear the raids you need to have +12 weapon or it will take too long time to do it + the time runs out. At least this is my logic by looking videos and what other people are saying.

    Still I feel it should have been 4k with the entry first raid.
  • ChasuChasu
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    My calculation told me that 4499 gear score is just full purple +10s (headgear/top/bottom/gloves/shoes/weapon), full purple accessories. I don't think it's that hard to find that one remaining gear score.
  • mirta000mirta000
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    Suppose people have been busy :D
    I'm at 3700, with belt and cape missing, as bad RNG (and I'm poor) and with everything at +7 :I
  • MorokuMoroku
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    I'm at 5k I dont' know what the issue is.
  • MiaosMiaos
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    I have a +12 weapon, and around 10-12% of piercing, physical piercing and boss damage, with 4.1k because I chose blues with better bonus stats, sure I could hit 4.5k easily but my damage will drop if I do so.
  • Nanachi_CCCPNanachi_CCCP
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    I got 4.5k gs on all my main characters.
    With current prices for onyx it is pretty cheap.
    Hard part is to get enough weapons for all those upgrade fails.
    15% chance for 13level weapon upgrade is pretty steep and even with 2x weapon drop you will probably not have enough to try more than 5 times this week.
    So to hit that 4.5k i recommend to upgrade orther(but useless) stuff like shirt or socks
  • EternalxEternalx
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    4.5k is fine stop crying.
  • DanteYodaDanteYoda
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    Man i'm only lv 41 i'm screwed.. I'll never see good gears.
  • SaranethSaraneth
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    Only at 3K. I'll get there.
  • ThiefIsFineTBHThiefIsFineTBH
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    my equips right now:
    +15 wep, +10 head, +7 chest, +0 pants, +10 gloves and boots
    gs: 5959

    just going purely for weapon upgrades to 12-13 should get you to 4.5k