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Lets' be Brutally Honest for Once


  • Banana BreadBanana Bread
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    I'm a woman who plays female characters and I've never felt the need to be suspicious of anyone's gender in an mmo. Most dudes playing as female characters aren't pretending to be actual women. It really doesn't seem like a genuine problem that happens all the time unless you're desperate and actively using mmos like they're a dating app, in which case yeah, I'm not really surprised guys are trolling you.
  • KiwanoKiwano
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    edited 4:50AM November 2, 2018
    Sometimes he makes the usernames something female-sounding to fool people.

    Are you sure it's to fool people? Sexual preferences play a role in what you wish to look at but this is also a game, an RPG even, where you interact with other through your avatar. Consider gender-locked games, you generally feel reserved calling a female toon James unless you wish other players to associate it with yourself, like in e-sports; think moba games, for instance.

    Another thing that affects the decision on gender is the community and the prevalence of a particular gender. In short, when everyone makes a female character, people get fed up and start liking the versions of their own gender more. That's why an accessible way to swap genders is quite important to a game.
  • XenociderOmegaXenociderOmega
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    I play female characters cause armor looks better on them and there's more options. In World of Warcraft I joined a raiding guild in legion to my surprise 6 of the 11 people were females irl two of them play male characters. My friend's wife plays a male panda warrior.
  • WAtheAnumWAtheAnum
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    we are in the year 2018.
    Are we really going to ask us again and tell people that "not every female in the internet is a female"? Again, its 2018.
  • SpiralofvertigoSpiralofvertigo
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    I'm a woman that plays male characters every chance I get; I kind of think it's a non issue but I get what you're saying haha.


    Echoing what Veremisia said as well though; in every MMO/multiplayer game I hide my sex because I've had some really bad interactions in the past and I just don't care to bother with that junk anymore.
  • Mochachino0Mochachino0
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    Acherons wrote: »
    So I've seen female characters always having more leeway in terms of GS requirement, making friends, and in general looking cute for the guys playing the game.

    But, I want to finally put an end to the people who still get cat-fished out there and give them a general feeling of who is really behind those innocent priests.

    P.S. Sorry no hard feelings toward priests <3

    Games have evolved to what it was before and now. Before if you choose an opposite gender - some people will go - why would you do that for? Why not stick to your gender. your real life gender.

    Games are played very different, yes some people uses the 'gender card' for their own purposes. I think most of us have outgrow that. The only reason you may get caught up in this is if you are looking for that sort of thing. To me not even once have occurred to me who is who in this game or if the gender goes accordingly to their characters. I care less to be honest.
  • HosuHosu
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    My conversation format in games is pretty bubbly as well as using a lot of emoticons, and since I always play females for fashion, people assumed that I was a girl all the time. I usually didn't correct them until they started trying to offer me free stuff and special treatment.

    I think that playing a character of the opposite gender, whatever your reasons may be, is fine. But I also think that you should do the right thing and let people know the facts before things get out of hand.
  • AcheronsAcherons
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    Exactly! I absolutely agree with you on that point.
  • BeckyRebeBeckyRebe
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    I dislike when someone try to give me something or give me benefit because I'm a girl; I obtain everything by myself or trade something that you want from it; I like to learn how to use my character and try to be good, not that someone does everything for me.

    And I don´t want a relationship in the internet.
  • smol_burritosmol_burrito
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    i'm a girl and i don't really know the last time i played a female character lol. idk if i've mained one since ether saga online, actually. (it's dead now :c)
    instead of like, projecting myself onto my character i prefer to look at a character that would be my favorite in any other kind of media. (which is very different from myself lol)
    not trying to hide my gender or anything since i haven't had any bad experiences, it's just a personal preference.
  • ArSkulderArSkulder
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    At first, as a guy I used to play male characters because I thought it was cool. Until about 10 years ago I realized I enjoy looking at female character more when I'm playing the game for hours. And after that no turning back for me. I don't act like a girl in game, I just love my characters, that's all.
  • SentineIsSentineIs
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    I usually play female characters because I like how they look. But in ms2 I like playing based on their "canon" gender shown in official videos. I.e female knight. Male thief.

    Unfortunately I had already invested in my female thief a ton, when I found out male thief was canon...fooled by all the promo material...

    But then again the VA for female thief and knight are so full of personality that I find it hard to feel bad.
  • ZarozianZarozian
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 3,520
    Posts: 421
    Considering the player base is mostly 20+ nearly every male and female already has a boy friend or a girl friend or a fiance. = w=
  • FuriousOniFuriousOni
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 550
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    Have you heard the Female gunner laugh during her skills? Greatest Thing Ever.
  • AynixAynix
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    Posts: 297
    Do people actually think girl in game - girl IRL? After more than 20 years of MMORPG games existing? Sure, nowaydas more girls play games, but still I would say 9 od 10 girl characters are just guys.
  • SyrusMarufujiSyrusMarufuji
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    .....catfished? Because you assume someone's gender/sex is their player character. In 2018?

  • ArjuneArjune
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    I'm a girl and my my berserker is male because I hated the female voice. My archer and priest are female though. if I were to make a heavy gunner he'd be male because male HG has like the best voice actor in the game XD he's such a total dork and I love it.
  • WhyWhyWhyWhy
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    Been Harassed a lot when i was playing a female character back in some other game , after that never again have i played any female character as my main , unless is class gender lock
  • IrisFlowerIrisFlower
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    Honestly, I've always played as my gender(female) when given the chance. It's what I'm most comfortable on and they, admittedly, always have the cuter outfits lol But I don't have any ulterior motives, I just want to enjoy the game. And I don't believe I've ever gotten any special treatment either. Back when I used to play RO(this was years ago), I encountered my fair share of jerks and nothing about me being a girl irl changed their minds. They were jerks to everyone equally =/ And if people are friendly to me, it's usually because they're just nice people and I'm friendly back.

    Of course, I've always enjoyed playing swordsman/knight classes instead of the priest class. So I probably come off as less "cute" to potential creeps but hey. That's the exact opposite of a problem the way I see it~
  • KiymoriKiymori
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    This is no different than how a lot of beta males act in real life anyway. I mean gaming aside, if you are giving a woman you hardly know special treatment just because she is a woman there is something wrong with you as far as I am concerned. But eh this is what happens when you're single IRL and get even slightly a bit of attention in game or sniff at an opportunity, it's pretty amusing to watch for me to be honest.