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The REAL Thief Build (Boss + Mob) Explained


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    This thread is a meme right?
    allowing me to use those extra points on retatiation which Ive found really useful for some specific dungeons that have constant ticking aoes or just lots of ADDS such as hard mode TRIS/Link.

    Please tell me this is a meme build.

    If not, let me get right to the point: mesoguard builds are horrible and should never be used. Retaliation should never be spec'd in raid. This build is bad and you should feel bad for using it.

    That is all.
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    SentineIs wrote: »
    I'm confused. First you talk about how poison vial ticks get boosted by meso guard, then you immediately blow up those empowered ticks with Surprise Attack? I get that both are empowered, but Surprise Attack nullifies the majority of Poison Vial ticks if you blow it up immediately, which you have to do to make maximum use of meso (get off 2 SA in the time frame).

    I've tested the build, total damage over a minute, compared dps, and it doesn't really match up to other builds even when you get off 2 surprise attacks with meso guard on. Personally I got 4 mil compared to 4.2~4.5 mil I get with other SA, Poison, Hybrid builds. The lack of haste is the big kicker, as 12 seconds of a 33% attack buff, does not compare to 60 seconds of haste 22% attack speed + 17% attack buff. Losing that attack speed hurts overall sp regen, cunning proc rate, movement speed, and a 17% attack buff over 60 seconds is much better then a 12 second 33% attack buff per 60 seconds.

    Now granted, we can't properly test the bonus dps that Empowered Mindbreaker adds onto the build, but that holds true for the other builds as well (albeit less because they hover at 5 points instead of 10. Since mindbreaker at max is 500% of the base 40% vs 250% of the base 40%, I don't think the difference would solve a disparity of several 200k-500k damage.

    Unless I'm missing something, I wouldn't consider this build so superior that I would go ahead and pronounce it as "the -real- thief build"


    I wanted to clarify maybe. I don't think this makes much of a difference, but I THINK I read somewhere that Mindbreaker is a twohanded skill? so the base would be 80%
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    Tbh, would try doing the bare minimal to max mesoguard, haste, poison edge, and surprise attack.

    1 point cunning tactics, 9 double slash, 9 points poison vial. I'll see how that plays out. Albeit I'm still wondering about the last point for either double slash for more cunning procs and the consistent 4% damage increase per use vs giving vial the final 3% damage per second which is consistently applied. Maxing vial might seem to be better but more cunning for poison edge during that time might be an answer as well.

    But as with any surprise attack build, I'd really prefer it to be after awakening tbh where surprise attack has a longer downtime.

    Edit: As for mindbreaker, when it's maxed it does 480% damage in total. That's the value people got.