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"Chaos Raid Update" By Jungsoo Lee and LAMBCOOK


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    RE: Toolbar changs... PLEASE allow us to lock the tool bar so skills / actions cannot be accidentally dragged off the bar and allow us to turn off tool tips! PLEASE!
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    Maple Guide
    Bless you, Nexon
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    BLAXJAC wrote: »
    Okay so people are upset because they spent time upgrading weapons they don't need Okay OKAY SO check this out BOOM..
    So like what if Nexon made some type of exchange system right..where you can give a NPC your trash upgraded weapons and they give back Onyx based on your enchantment level. See this hoochie: uZbItYW.png
    Shes useless now, does nothing but twirl all day. Just give her weapons she dances, twirls, and pops out (character bound, bc lol ) Chaos/Onyx crystals with the amount varying based on enchantment level, then you can use that to upgrade your non trash stuff. @Nexon ya'll should hire me I have the ideas.

    Or you can use the dismantle system, as it just happens to do just that. :p
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    I just want my onyx back, since the only viable weapon will be murpagoth, my weapon is useless now, since murpagoth will be the best in all 3 dungeons.
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    Thank you for making this change.
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    What really bothers me about this is RNG upon RNG. Why do we only get boxes for the set we dismantle? Give us the option to choose which set we want to craft. That would make it so much better and less stressful.
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    Oh no I had fun with my friends doing different dungeons! Oh wait... I had fun - everything is fine ;) The game is now one month old and if you've spent hundreds of hours collecting on several character material for all weapons then that's of course annoying - no question - but then you should also ask if you should take it a little easier. Opportunity players can now participate in all raids with one weapon and hardcore gamers can compare the different weapon effects. And before you throw all your weapons in the trash: I would keep them as a precaution. (Guess) There will be a permanent search for a solution to make the weapons equal. For example, certain effects could be triggered less often than others...?

    Questioning one's own system and making a good experience possible for as many players as possible is always positive.
    Even when you step on someone's toes.
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    so much complain, might as well bring in p2w and degrade in enhancement