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Perma-stun Question

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I've seen a lot of Knights in Overworld PvP maps, and everytime I fight them I'm CC'd and interrupted the entire fight. I don't mean the majority I mean like, very close to 100% of the time. So I figured I'd join the fun and play this class. It seems completely broken and well, who doesn't like completely broken classes.

So my question is, for this CC build to work, I only need Typhoon Slash, Shield Throw and the Dash right? Those are the CC abilities or do I need something else. I know Typhoon is the spammable 'stun' [It's more of a forced movement, but it cancels anything currently being cast, and prevents movement while you're being moved, so complete loss of control]. Is there anything else that acts like a stun or forces them to lose control of their character that is spammable? Thanks