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Is warhorn broken?

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Warhorns only giving a 1.2% attack buff instead of the 12% that it says in the tool tip is there any plans to fix this? is this a tool tip error or was knights offensive support nerfed?


  • AshitaAshita
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    edited 10:29AM October 30, 2018
    Warhorn only increases Physical attack and Magical attack. There are 2 "attack" stats that determines how much damage you do. Weapon attack and Physical/Magic attack. You see a small Increase in Attack because currently Physical attack is a lot smaller then Weapon attack.

    For example:
    My Knight has 2864 weapon attack, and 316 Physical Attack making my attack 3232. Using Warhorn will increase my Physical attack by 12%. Boosting it to 354 Physical Attack. 2864 + 354 = 3270 Attack.
  • PeekiPeeki
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    Wait so does this mean it doesnt increase attack by much ? =S
  • shiro31shiro31
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    Peeki wrote: »
    Wait so does this mean it doesnt increase attack by much ? =S

    It doesnt increase your "Attack" by much; [Attack] as in: the red block below your gearscore.

    But that [Attack] doesnt properly represent the damage you deal. [Attack] is WeaponAttack + Magic/Physical Attack + crit stuff and so on.
    When it comes to actual damage calculations it is more like WeaponAttack x Magical/Physical Attack. Therefore 12% increase in magical/physical attack = 12% increase in total damage. (A little less if you stack other atk increase buffs)