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Chat prohibited with no reason?

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So 2 days ago I was chat prohibited and thought to myself maybe something I said triggered this message and so I submitted a ticket asking if it's possible for my chat logs to see where and/or if I had violated the terms. Then TODAY when I'm finally off the ban I literally am online for 20 mins and get CHAT PROHIBITED AGAIN. This time I literally had done NOTHING in the game what so ever besides raid with my guild and some randoms. The only things discussed were raid related or game related with NO profanity or ANY type of anything period to trigger another chat ban. Then I chat with live support and ALL THEY ever say is "submit a ticket" What use are they if literally everything just goes to the ticket system anyway defeats the purpose of live support. I dealt with it the first time assuming mistakes can be made and I could have possibly caused it on my own. However this time it's just pure insanity because I had been logged in no longer than 2 hours in which I just finished my weekly's before the reset.