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Tutorial On/Off

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For those of us whom have the habit of making new characters and understand the game mechanics better than a new player may, is there anyway we could look at an option to disable tutorial information? For example, you get the whole yellow arrows like, "open this menu! Click on this!" generally, I feel like this isn't exactly necessary.

Thoughts and opinions?


  • MidnightNyaMidnightNya
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    Just to add on to this, it'll be nice that if tutorials are account-based.

    And on top of that, for settings to have an option to persist between characters (some people may want different hud layouts for different characters, but I'd like an option to make it the same between all characters).

    There's quite a few things I feel would be best as account triggers as opposed to character triggers.
  • VerloVerlo
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    +1. yes please. I wish we could skip tutorials on alts and all the yellow pop ups!
  • GawertyGawerty
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    edited 6:57PM October 24, 2018
    I just feel like with the game being in open launch, this is something small, that could be implemented to help all of us have a better experience.