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Priest new ability idea

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edited 5:55AM October 23, 2018 in Priest
Sacrificial cleansing LVL 35+ (NO Cooldown. 30% of your SP)
Ability position
Sacrifice 15% of your current health to remove 1+(1 at lvl 5 and 2 at lvl 10) negative effect from 1+(1 per ability lvl) ally in 2x2 + (1x1 every 2 lvl) area. (Always affects on you).
If you succeful remove negative effect restores you and ally health equas 80%+(4% per ability lvl) of your magic attack
If used while Celestial Guardian active and succeful remove negative effect - no SP cost \ Immunity to negative effects on 10 seconds to allies and you


  • RisaWMRisaWM
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    Version 2. Passive under Wings. You get it after reaching lvl 35.

    Wings of Cleanse
    Divine aura from Heavenly Wings now also remove ALL negative affects.
  • BatislackBatislack
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    I wish we had an ability to cleanse, don't care what, where or how.
  • TamakiSakuraTamakiSakura
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    A Priest should be able to remove status effects. End of story.