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Gawerty here

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Hey guys! My online alias is Gawerty, and I've been playing MS2 for a few days now; I'm usually the kind of guy who likes to be active within the community platforms, I play Maplestory 2 as a way to do something that isn't just real-life business, I work a ton, and Maplestory 2 currently is my outlet to getting some fun in my life; One of the things I enjoy most is helping people out; I like to be the kind of guy who people can approach with questions they have, or problems they need help with. This kind of thing originated when I was younger in another community, and it's stuck with me since. :^)

Nowadays I have a lot of trouble letting myself get into games, I always hear random little things that turn me off of a game I may be enjoying currently; but I haven't heard that yet here; so it's kind of interesting to see where the game will go.

I did originally start on NA-WEST, but I don't really recall having done-so, like, I didn't really notice any issues playing, but I did deal with the infamous 10053 error every 30 minutes or so; however, once I reinstalled windows 10, I fixed the issue for the most part, now it's only happened twice in 3 days.

Now however, I plan to move to NA-EAST since I do live closer to that location and a lot of my IRL friends play on NA-EAST. So, with that said, NA-EAST players can expect me to be around! :)

I'm really liking the game so-far, enough to actually get invested, which is a good thing for me.

I'm excited for the future.



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    You will certainly be a welcome member of the community. Too many people are only interested in themselves and gaining some sort of imaginary power in an imaginary world.