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1) Make priest's dash a 4.5 meter forward dash all the time without the 6m toward ally. Change the heal and movement speed to a small AoE around the end of the dash. Right now, priests are dying all around maple world because we can't dash properly.

Heavy Gunner
1) Make the First Aid Kit scale on attack power so it stays relevant as gear/level progress.

1) Increase healing done in PvP, not anything crazy, maybe like 300% to make the heals impactful enough without fully healing the PvP healthpool in a single cast. Just high enough that priest isn't complete garbage because half of their spells are useless in PvP. Otherwise, give priests a lot more DPS options so they can actually compete.
2) Reduce stagger and CC. As of right now, it is quite literally whoever hit first that wins because the enemy won't be able to do any action so long as he is being attacked.

Twisted/Normal Pocket Realm
1) Change the mesos drops from rainbow slimes to come in bigger chunks rather than a bunch of little pieces everywhere, as it stand, a lot of elixirs and treva aren't being looted because the pet is running after the thousands of little pieces everywhere and not picking up the good stuff.
2) Add a ~10s wait area inside the pocket realm before starting it to give some time for map to be loaded. Right now, even with a good PC, still losing around 3 to 4 seconds of time before being able to do anything in the pocket realm. That's a lot of time lost when some of those realm only last 40 seconds.
3) Lock the pocket realm to whomever entered first and their party to prevent other people from leeching.

1) Remove the limit on normal dungeons and only apply it to hard dungeons. This would especially help to clear daily missions requiring to do certain normal dungeons without screwing over our hard dungeon lockouts.