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Disconnecting on dungeon

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Hello, my friend has a problem with disconnecting on dungeon its not her fault because she is still on discord and has a fast internet speed. Worst part of it is that she is a healer and when she disconnects she cant go into a dungeon, she is stuck at the lobby... Any chance to fix that? There is no point of someone disconnecting and stuck at the lobby... this is stupid...


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    I did a post about this in detail, just check the tech support and you should find it

    Dejmo, I only have two solutions.

    Tell her to unplug her router entirely for 3-5 mins. If that works then hooray.

    Another option is to go to command promt (CP)
    And then type this in.

    ipconfig /all


    ipconfig /release


    ipconfig /renew

    She must do the renew back to get her internet back up on the computer, If she only does "ipconfig /release" then that means they she released her "DCHP" and then she must do "ipconfig /renew" to renew the internet back on the computer or laptop, Hope this helps.