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Attribute and stats confusion

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in Thief
I mean, does anyone fully understand how to decipher the stat sheet?
Let's say I put in all my point in DEX, I only have 15 points as of now, but it says it raises my physical defense, which it does on the sheet, but when I look at the sumarry just above it, the defense stat doesn't move at all.

Dex says it raises accuracy, I put all my points into that naturally to test, and the accuracy stat in the sheet doesn't move...

Well then, let's try luck!
Luck raises my crit rate and my damage as a thief, must be good.
All points in it for test purposes, it didnt move my critrate...However, it does raises my damage by quite a lot.

So I decided for a poison build for fun, I just like the thought of poisoning my enemies..
Int raises magical damage, poison damage is classified as physical on my skills, but whatever, let's try it, all points in it!
My magic attack does go up and so does the summary attack stat....Does this mean I do more damage and with what magic spell?

Oh, critrate, why not give it a shot too, all points in it!
Raised my crit rate, makes sense....but it still shows I can have a max of 40% of critchance but my sheet shows it in crit rate, how do I even translate this to crit chance?
It did raise my attack to a bit lesser than luck did, but shouldn't luck also increase my crit rate?

If anyone have figured out how to decipher this, please teach me.
They must have outsourced this to someone on an entirely diferent dimension than me because I don't understand what to do with this mess.
Other than put all my points into luck ofc, because I do understand the word ATTACK!
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  • MillnMilln
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    Howdy pal. I understand your frustration.

    Here's the simple recommendation:
    Dump everything in to Luck for PVE. This is a Korean MMORPG. You boost one stat in these games.

    We're currently science-ing up Poison calculations. It might be magical, it might not be.
    Ignore Dex and Strength. We don't use them because Thief has low formulas for that stat.

    Here's the crit formula as best as we can tell. I stole it from the Archer forums (Like a Thief)

    Crit Rate = luck/1000 + crit rate on the stat sheet/1250
    Crit damage as a stat from equips gives 0.1% CD per critical point

    Once again, this may not be correct, but the margin of error is very small(I believe somewhere along the lines of 100 luk to 1% crit rate, and 125 crit to 1% crit rate), so feel free to use it as if it were true. Do note that this is your BASE crit rate. There is crit evasion on enemies, which serve to reduce your actual crit rate.

    Apparently there is a crit evasion stat. We do not yet know exactly how it works, but it should be one of the two models below:

    actual Crit Rate =( luk/1000 + crit/1250 - (effect of CE)) and
    actual Crit Rate =( luk/1000 + crit/1250) * (effect of CE)

    Let me know if you have any further questions.