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Why do shields have gear score?

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Laugh at me because I am a nooby beginner. But I just wasted tons of meso for a shield, thinking I can run fire dragon raid after getting it.

Instead, I found out that gear score on shield simply DOES NOT count. NOT EVEN HALF of it.

There is simply no reason to get a good shield. You can get one after you have good gears in other slots. Don't fall for it guys.

A clearer description would be just to put gear scores of shield to zero.

But then you would just realize how ridiculous it is to have a piece of gear with zero gear score...just bad design imo.

Make it half/half or some ratio for main/off hand, and problem solved. I can't think of a reason not to.


  • OxpeckerOxpecker
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    If I'm not mistaken this is already a confirmed bug. All gear-score should be counting. Bug-fixes should be coming soon.

    I do agree though that if something doesn't give gear score towards your total, it shouldn't have a number on the listing at all.
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    Let our oppression be known.
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    I dont think it's a bug since they actually mention in game that shield and codex's gs doesnt count...

    press p, drag your mouse to point at "gear score" and you will see that they said shield and codex gs doesnt count