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Why do shields have gear score?

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Laugh at me because I am a nooby beginner. But I just wasted tons of meso for a shield, thinking I can run fire dragon raid after getting it.

Instead, I found out that gear score on shield simply DOES NOT count. NOT EVEN HALF of it.

There is simply no reason to get a good shield. You can get one after you have good gears in other slots. Don't fall for it guys.

A clearer description would be just to put gear scores of shield to zero.

But then you would just realize how ridiculous it is to have a piece of gear with zero gear score...just bad design imo.

Make it half/half or some ratio for main/off hand, and problem solved. I can't think of a reason not to.


  • OxpeckerOxpecker
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    If I'm not mistaken this is already a confirmed bug. All gear-score should be counting. Bug-fixes should be coming soon.

    I do agree though that if something doesn't give gear score towards your total, it shouldn't have a number on the listing at all.
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    Let our oppression be known.
  • FantasticTofuFantasticTofu
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    I dont think it's a bug since they actually mention in game that shield and codex's gs doesnt count...

    press p, drag your mouse to point at "gear score" and you will see that they said shield and codex gs doesnt count
  • AntichriestAntichriest
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    Yes, indeed it isn't a bug, you can see it in the gear score's popup in your character info.
    But I agree that at least half of the GS of Shields and Codices should count towards your gear score.
  • MarditicoMarditico
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    wow thanks for the heads up. They should put this in BIG RED LETTTERS
  • ArmaBellumArmaBellum
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    But I agree that at least half of the GS of Shields and Codices should count towards your gear score.
    Then scepters and longswords should grant half of their gear score instead of the full amount, to be on par with other classes that use offhand weapons. That is, unless you want priests and knights having their gearscore boosted further than other classes for no reason at all.

    I have nothing against shields and codices granting gearscore, mind you, just saying that's how it should work according to the game's logic.
  • DanDKDanDK
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    It makes absolutely no sense that they have a GS value yet does not contribute their value, since the entire point of GS values are to contribute towards dungeon requirements. They definitely do not give any indicator of item usefulness at all. Nexon confirmed that it is working as intended, so it makes absolutely no sense that these items still retain GS instead of just giving them a round zero as a permanent value. There is literally no point in this current system.
  • AshbjornAshbjorn
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    Let alone you can are forced to destroy the item or sell it for a measly 9k mesos; they could at least have it salvage to regular crystals :\
  • AwenAwen
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    Honestly, it doesn't matter that shields don't give gear score. For the dual-wielding classes, only the higher GS of their two weapons are taken into account. If they made shields contribute for knight, they'd have to apply the same rule, in which case a vast majority of the time your sword would have more GS anyway, and wouldn't change anything from how it is now.

    Shields having a GS listed in the first place is probably just because every piece of gear is required to have one.
  • LastTourniquetLastTourniquet
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    Awen wrote: »
    Shields having a GS listed in the first place is probably just because every piece of gear is required to have one.

    If that was the case there is nothing from stopping them making Shields and Codex's have gear scores of 1 to avoid confusion. Personally I was told about shields not giving gearscore but I can 100% see why the OP is upset about this. While it DOES tell you in game that they don't count towards your total it is in no way obvious and you have to go searching for that information.