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Drop Rate + Cap + Random Weapon Drop = Frustrating

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I can understand the drop rate making people run dungeons more than once or twice to gear up. I can even understand limiting the dungeon runs weekly to avoid people just burning through the content in a day and never playing again. However, given those first two the way epic weapon drops happen is lame. The epic drops are rare enough but to reward me with a weapon for a job I don't have? Come on guys... Sure I can sell it but it won't cover the cost of the weapon for my job...


  • AynixAynix
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    If not all, it will cover most of the price. (since you probably play more popular class so weapon is more expensive). Sell some onyx crystal to get the rest of money and buy weapon for you.
  • BebopBebop
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    This won't even be an issue in a month. After the game fully releases, there will be so many players doing dungeons. With more epics on the market the price will drastically go down even within the next week.
  • DixiesporkDixiespork
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    Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to these drops, is that they are intended to be rather scarce as they are tradeable.

    The bigger issue is that they are essentially the only good way to get your Gear Score high enough to do Hard Dungeons to get your real Epic Gear that isn't tradeable. Even if you +10 most of your gear you still won't be making it to 2100 Gear Score without an Epic piece of gear and that seems a little off when it comes to progression.
  • Soreph9Soreph9
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    congratulations nexon, what a game does in years you created in 2 weeks, a toxic community in a friendly game. The bad drop shoots the prices to the sky, making new and non-founders impossible or ridiculous the progression of their character, there is already a market of Runs, discrimination and ridicule, insults to non-founders or people without a purple weapon (if in grifina I see people mocking of those that do not take purple equipment), puff congratulations nexon, only 2 weeks. This brought steam to go from the 10 most played to 7/10 in its second week and a significant withdrawal of players.
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    absolute random