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10053 Error Megathread


  • boladedragonboladedragon
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    hola a todos e vuelto a jugar maplestory 2 hace ya 1 semana , tengo muchas horas de juego y ahora cuando vuelvo a jugar se hace insoportable el error que antes no me salia en lo mas minimo es el Error 10053. espero que lo arreglen . y juego en el server sur america.

    PD: ya e intentado todos los metodos que ofrese el foro

    hello to all and returned to play maplestory 2 1 week ago, I have many hours of play and now when I return to play it becomes unbearable the error that did not come out before in the minimum is Error 10053. I hope they fix it. and I play in the South America server.

    PS: already tried all the methods offered by the forum
  • Sabby_LeonisSabby_Leonis
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    Error Codes: 10053, 10060, 10061

    Country Where You Reside: USA
    Server: NAWest
    Your Internet Service Provider: Century Link
    Wifi or Wired: Wired

    The Halloween event is a disaster.

    I've also had an issue since the Anniversary Event update, where I disconnect from the game around 9:00 pm Mountain Time and cannot connect to the game until 11:30 pm. I never had connectivity issues before this update. This issue continued for almost two weeks and managed to clear up the past few days or so. As of October 17th, the issue is back, but now it is starting earlier - around 8:00 pm Mountain time and lasts for two hours. So between this event and that issue, I won't be able to actually access the game until "prime-time" has come and gone.

    I've had a ticket open with Nexon for this duration, and have been given the run around between Nexon and my ISP. (Ticket# 862275)

    It seems no one else is having this issue, as I've found nothing on this issue, leaving logic telling me - "Well, it must be me."
    But - I don't have any issues connecting to anything else, only Maplestory2. The problem persists on multiple computers. - "Well, it must be them."

    I've tested this extensively, starting with all of the suggestions on the original post.


    Are you running the game as Administrator? Yes
    Are you using WIFI? No
    Is DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) enabled? Yes, and have tried both extending the lease and restoring to 1 day.
    Has Windows Firewall been restored to default? Yes
    Is your computer’s local time in sync? Yes, and also fixed my modem/router's time sync.
    Do you use WINDOWS 10? Yes
    Have you experienced similar symptoms on other games or applications? No

    I've also run ping tests, traceroutes on multiple IPs provided by Resource Monitor/Maplestory2 (All show massive packet loss during issue from my ISP to your Amazon Web Services (AWS) server hosting with ping of 2000+, updated modem/router firmware, changed my DNS, the basic ipconfig release-flush-renew, DISM update and SFC /scannow, reset modem/router to factory defaults, uninstalled/reinstalled game + repaired game (both steam and Nexon launcher.)
    Had ISP test the connection multiple times (all tests found zero errors) Our ISP actually rebuilt our connection, in fact.

    Any further assistance would be appreciated.