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List of Cunning Effects

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Howdy guys. Figured it would be useful to have these in their own topic to make it easy to see when you're out of game, discuss them, and also so that you don't have to go digging in another topic to find this.

First off, getting into Cunning is currently achieved through two ways:

Cunning Tactics - A skill that, on top of instantly going into Cunning, will also restore an amount of SP, beginning at 20, then 25, then 30, then finally 35 at level 10.
Double Slash - Double Slash, the basic skill has a percent chance to activate Cunning on hit. It starts with a 7% chance, then escalates one(1) percent per level up to 16% chance. Currently, it is unknown whether both hits of the skill carry a chance, nor is it known if hitting multiple enemies give multiple opportunities to proc. If you're in Cunning already, triggering Double Slash will refresh the duration for the full 5 seconds.

Cunning, by itself, will give you a 30% movement speed bonus for 5 seconds and empower several skills. Being in Cunning appends an EX to the move name on your hotbar and the skill icon will have sparkles circling it of varying colors depending on the skill. The skill's animation also changes slightly. Poison Edge gets a whole new attack animation, Surprise Attack, Blade Dance, Somersault Kick, and Vicious Cuts are all newly crimson, and Mesoguard Plus now orbits you quicker.

Below are the empowered skills. You can always view these descriptions on the tooltip while you are in Cunning.

Poison Edge EX - All five attacks of Poison Edge now apply a poison stack on hit. Up to 5 can be active at one time and they deal cumulative, compound damage, displaying it in one number. Each poison stack immediately ticks upon application (dealing one stack, then two stacks, then three stacks, then four stacks, then five stacks worth of damage per respective hit. It further ticks every 1 second for 13 seconds. Applying one stack will always set the countdown to 13 seconds and always increment the total stack until it reaches five stacks. Applying one stack when this is at maximum stacks refreshes the whole pile for 13 seconds. The poison damage it deals is up to 20% at level 10 per stack of your poison damage calculation per your stats for a maximum total of 100% of your Poison Damage per tick. Good for everything a Damage over Time is good for. If you have Ruthless Guile, it triggers on the first hit, so you don't need to worry about chucking a Vial first.
Level - Percentage of Poison damage added per stack.
+1% per level
Lv.1 - 11%
Lv.2 - 12%
Lv.3 - 13%
Lv.4 - 14%
Lv.5 - 15%
Lv.6 - 16%
Lv.7 - 17%
Lv.8 - 18%
Lv.9 - 19%
Lv.10 - 20%

Surprise Attack EX - Surprise attack now hits up to 8 enemies all around you, instead of attacking only 3 enemies in a column to your front. Useful for mobbing.

Blade Dance EX - Upon skill activation and without a hit requirement, you gain a buff that grants you a fixed percentage chance to dodge all incoming attacks for one(1) second, taking zero damage. It caps out at 99%, for a nearly guaranteed dodge that only a Fire Emblem character will crit you out of. Easy pick for telegraphed attacks, and high synergy with Retaliation.

Level - Percent chance of evading attacks within one second.
+2% per level.
Lv.1 - 81%
Lv.2 - 83%
Lv.3 - 85%
Lv.4 - 87%
Lv.5 - 89%
Lv.6 - 91%
Lv.7 - 93%
Lv.8 - 95%
Lv.9 - 97%
Lv.10 - 99%

Somersault Kick EX - Somersault Kick now stuns the victim, if they're not immune to stun, for one(1) second instead of reducing their movement speed and jump height. Good for when you needed something to stop.

Vicious Cuts EX - The percentage damage that Vicious Cuts deals per strike is doubled and the attack has a very miniscule delay at the end. i.e. 62% is now 124%. Good for single target immediate damage. Simple and easy to understand.

Level - Total percentage of your damage per hit.
+6% per level.
Lv.1 - 70%
Lv.2 - 76%
Lv.3 - 82%
Lv.4 - 88%
Lv.5 - 94%
Lv.6 - 100%
Lv.7 - 106%
Lv.8 - 112%
Lv.9 - 118%
Lv.10 - 124%

Mesoguard Plus EX - Big change. In Cunning, Mesoguard Plus does not require you to spend cash, lasts 12 seconds (up from 4), and raises your defense by a tenth of the previously listed amount (so level 2 defense bonus is 3.2%, down from 32% Bug? Intended? Who knows.) while increasing your physical attack by a high amount. It increases your attack at an example of 14% at level 2, 17% at level 3. It becomes a high offense self buff.

Level - Bonus Defense Percent, Bonus Physical Attack Percent
Defense Bonus decimal point slides one digit to the left. Attack Bonus is +3% per level
Lv.1 - 2.6%, 11%
Lv.2 - 3.2%, 14%
Lv.3 - 3.8%, 17%
Lv.4 - 4.4%, 20%
Lv.5 - 5.0%, 23%
Lv.6 - 5.6%, 26%
Lv.7 - 6.2%, 29%
Lv.8 - 6.8%, 32%
Lv.9 - 7.4%, 35%
Lv.10 - 8.0%, 38%

Edit: Corrected some language on Poison Edge to further explain about stacking. Added Level 10 Mesoguard.



  • FerrionFerrion
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    Oh meso guard gives a fancy atk buff huh?
    Do wish they'd put that text in game already.
  • MillnMilln
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    Ferrion wrote: »
    Oh meso guard gives a fancy atk buff huh?
    Do wish they'd put that text in game already.

    You'll be happy to know that they have! Proc cunning and then mouse over the skill icon. The tooltip now properly reads per the EX move's description. The buff that you apply to yourself also reflects this information.
  • MillnMilln
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    Now with level 60, Mesoguard Plus value is confirmed and added.
  • CactrotCactrot
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    Somersault EX also has it's cool down halved (6 -> 3). It effectively doubles it's DPS.