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[Guide] Lvl 50 DPS PvE Skill build.

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Introduction: Hello fellow Heavy Gun users, eL here! Just like many of you guys, I haven't played any other versions of MS2, but I had played GMS2 CBT1 and CBT2. With my current experiences and tests, I'll be guiding you guys on: How not to hold 1 Single Button while playing Heavy gunner. This guide is based on my own reasoning and opinions. No way, is this guide superior to any other guide. This is mainly to help new or experienced HG users see the bright side of having multiple Skills in their Skill builds.

Tips: Before I go onto the skill build. I want to give some tips to fellow HG users on how to build their skill build.

1. Play however you want!.
Yes, my Skill build is about how not hold 1 single button. But if that is how you like to play, then I respect that. However, some players may not like how much damage you are not contributing to the raid.

2. Do not get Passives.
Passives gives a really small flat damage increase per level and isn't worth getting until after lvl 50+. However I do recommend getting Adv Pulse weapons to level 1 for Suborbital Bombardment.

3. Get as many Active skills as you can.
I see many HG say that getting too many active skills is bad, but it really isnt. Most HG skill animation are about 1 second.
For example:
Bullet spray has a animation time of 1 sec. At max level you'll deal 66% x 4 in 1 second. Dealing 264% per second.
At Level 10 Advance Bullet, you'll deal 81% x 4 in 1 second. Dealing 324% per second. A 60% damage increase.
Homing missile also has a animation time of 1 sec. At level 7, you'll fire 5 rockets that deals 124% each. Dealing 620% in 1 second. A 356% dmg increase!!!

Advance Bullet Build may do more damage in the beginning, but in a long duration fight, having Multiple Skills will add up to do more damage.

4. Use or don't use an Active skill when cooldown is done.
This is a personal preference, but I would recommend to use an active skill immediately after cool down is done. The faster you use a skill, the more you will use it in a raid. Some players prefer to wait for a few other skills to finish its cooldown before using and that is okay too. However, sometimes it is better to save a skill before using it for certain raid mechanics.
Remember, Most HG skill animations are about 1 second.

5. Always make sure to obtain the max upgrade of an Active skill.
For example:
Homing Missile lvl 1 - 3 will fire 3 Missiles.
Homing Missile lvl 4 - 6 will fire 4 Missiles.
Homing Missile lvl 7+ will fire 5 Missiles.
Make sure to at least put 7 points into Homing Missiles.

Here is a List of skills that that will need a certain amount of skills points to reach its max upgrade:
Rocket Launcher - At least lvl 8 for a 10 second DoT(Damage over time).
Homing Missile - At least lvl 7 for 5 missiles.
Suborbital Bombardment - At least lvl 7 for a 12 second Satellite Duration.

6. Using Active skills while Jumping.
Because most HG Active skills are not Instant. HG is considered one of the slowest classes in the game. However most HG active skills can be used while in mid-air. This is one essential maneuver that HG users may have to learn to survive better.

Skill Builds
Now onto the Skill Builds. Feel free to customize the Skill build to your liking. This Build is not considered Meta in anyway, but will guarantee to increase your DPS.

1. Party with no Priest. Currently missing 3 Skill points from Trophies.

This is my Current build for a Party with no Priest. Med kit is really good for saving teammates with low health, though it isn't really mandatory if your party knows the raid well.

2. Party with a Priest. Currently missing 3 Skill points from Trophies.

This is my Current Build for Party with a Priest. Maxed Bullet spray for more DPS. Left over Skill points for your desires. I would recommend putting them on Lock-on, Rocket Launcher or M-Bomb.

Extra Notes:
I do not use M-Bomb because of personal preference. Because I did not have it on my build does not make it bad. It has a cooldown of 30 seconds and the 2nd explosion may miss if the target is moving. Also, it is hard to aim. So it may take some practice to use this skill.

Stun Grenade is only obtained for the Prerequisite Skill: Suborbital Bombardment. It may be useful in PvP, but it is very bad in PvE. I do not recommend this skill to be used.

Level 1 Advance Pulse Weapon Passive is recommended for Suborbital Bombardment. It gives a good Dmg% boost to the skill.

I have level 1 Lock-On because there is no Upgrade to the skill. Leveling it up only gives dmg%. The dmg% per lvl is really good and I do recommend leveling this skill for a 12 second cooldown skill.

I do not recommend the use of Gatling Fire, unless there more than 1 enemy in front of you. I personally do not use this skill because Bullet Spray does more DPS. Also, Gatling Fire consumes Spirit.

ALWAYS charge Electric Blast to max. Would you rather do 264% damage per second, 792% dmg in 3 seconds.
2229% dmg in 3 seconds. (743% at max lvl. 3 seconds for max charge.)