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Temple of Immortals (Balrog) Basic Guide

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Balrog Guide
Created by: Peni (US West)

Phase 1 (100%)
At the start of the fight Balrog will use his three most common abilities.
Roar, which will stagger you momentarily and give you a slow debuff
Dash, which will make him agro to the nearest target when he starts the dash. This applies for each new dash. It should be noted that while he dashes 1-2 times initially, later in the fight he can dash up to three times. He will always lock onto the closest target and once he faces them he will not change directions until he finishes the dash.
Cleave, which consists of Balrog doing two front sweeps with his weapon and then an overhead swing straight down. Once the animation starts, he’s locked into that direction. This attack does a lot of damage with the last swing doing significantly more and leaving a damage over time field on the ground underneath it.
In general, try to stay BEHIND Balrog. You will take far less damage.

Phase 2 (80%)
Balrog will jump to the center of the map and start dropping rocks from the sky. These rocks will do heavy damage, but the red indicator on the floor makes them very easy to evade. After about 5 seconds, pillars will appear on the ground near where you entered the dungeon. Jump to the top of a pillar to avoid his full map OHKO. It is FAR easier to jump onto these pillars by jumping with no directional input and THEN adjusting your position while in the air.

Soon after, Balrog will do an audio queue and spawn dragons that shoot homing fireballs. It is recommended to save damage buffs for the dragons so that you can burn them down faster. They do a lot of damage, so it is recommended to take a healer with you to kill them if you have one. In general, only one person is necessary to stay back and occupy Balrog, but if you get agro while fighting the dragons, move away from your team. Balrog will otherwise roar you all into the lava. Balrog will spawn the dragons occasionally at this phase, so please try to get to them quickly.

The dropping rocks also become part of his rotation.

Phase 3 (60%)
Balrog will jump to the center of the map and create a purple aura. Soon after, he will do three very powerful ticks of damage. All of which apply a stun. This can be countered in a few ways:
A knight can make his team invulnerable
A priest can give a heal over time
A heavy gunner can use med kit
You can jump in the lava at the last second :(

Phase 4 (30%)
Balrog will mix the purple aura ability with the falling rocks. He only applies one damage tick at the end, so the first two sets of falling rocks essentially take the place of the first two damage ticks. If there is a knight, they need to use invulnerability after two sets of rocks have already fallen. The shield otherwise won’t last long enough to block the large damage tick at the end.

Phase 5 (20%)
An NPC named Tristan comes and tells you repeatedly that he “won’t forget all that you’ve done”. At this point, Balrog will no longer summon dragons. Tristan also stuns Balrog occasionally which cancels whatever ability he is trying to use. From this point, the rest is really easy!


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    Here is one as well, for those who preffer watching instead reading.
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    During first phase, balrog only does 1 dash at a time, never 2.

    Phase 2 and 3 goes back and forth until balrog's HP is low enough to move to the next phase.

    In 2nd phase, he starts doing 2-3 charges at a time. If he does 3 charges at this stage, he will become stunned momentarily.

    3rd phase, he stops summoning adds and starts spamming the circle attack. Only the second hit stuns. As long as you don't get hit by that, you won't be stunned. You can survive this without a priest/knight if you use a potion immediately after the first hit. Balrog won't attack again until like a second after you're able to move again, and he will always attack with a yell with no charge. You can get in one quick attack and then move out of the way immediately. The priest should heal once, then move away.

    After a while, if Balrog's HP isn't low enough, he goes back into 2nd phase and starts summoning adds again.

    Phase 4 and 5 aren't separate phases. Balrog does a big circle attack with falling rocks, and then tries to do it again like 10-20 seconds later, which is when Tristan comes to stop him. The blast in the final phase actually hits 3 times in rapid succession, not just once, and all hits will stun. It will always leave you with around 30% HP, and Balrog no longer waits for you to start moving again before attacking. After blast, he will always do a yell and a single charge, which will likely kill someone that was hit and stunned..

    The first circle attack gets spammed a lot and your knight will only be able to protect the party against maybe ~2/3 of them. The final phase one with falling rocks only happen in like 1 minute intervals, and your knight should be able to protect your party against all or almost all of them. If they aren't, then your knight sucks and you should tell him that he sucks.
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    Wondering as a Knight when exactly do i have to use the shield in P3? Is there some indicator for when the first dmg tick comes in?
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    When 3rd rock falls everyone is going to hug you, so after 3rd rock.