Check out the patch notes for the v19 Winter Mischief update here:

Constant disconnections, Error 10053


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    And I send a gm to nexon, still not reply.
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    same problem, i want to play and leveling up character and disconected i want to play withougth LAG!
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    Nominos wrote: »
    Actually at 9:32 they said
    "Error 10053

    We have narrowed down the issue on this disconnection issue. The main cause of the issue is an unstable internet connection or connection issue with your ISP to our servers.

    We are looking into a solution where we can gracefully handle the short disconnections which can occur while you are playing the game. No ETA on the solution yet, but we will try to update as soon as we have the date for the fix.

    Meanwhile, we're working on a mega post with all potential solutions and we'll share this shortly."

    ps... i have done a traceroute multiple times, it dies WELL after it leaves xfinity... but hey what do i know. I will wait patiently for their next fix... hopefully it is before the games official release, since we paid to get 10 days of not being able to play the game.

    a short disconnection solution where they keep you temporarily signed in until the internet connects again. It seems they do a full kick if theres a short disconnection. Basically they need a short disconnection notice instead of a full on crash from the client. While you are in the client there should instead be a notice saying "unable to connect please wait" in either your chat box or a msg box on top of your window. Or a loading bar. This is usually common in other MMORPGs or online games which prevents users from fully crashing from the client.

    Or in other MMOs you notice that sometimes you cant attack or your chat is delayed for a short bit. This is due to a short disconection in part with your isp and connecting to the servers. The server then tries to re-connect you back in the background and you notice your connection has returned back into the game.

    Usually games temporarily store the users data on the server when the player disconnects, then when they reconnect, transfer those values back to the player such as exp, and the players positions before and after the disconnection has occured.

    This does not always mean that at times your internet has crashed but instead is having trouble reaching the games servers and can be a variety of reasons really. And Nexon is trying not to say that its always your ISP's fault but an issue instead with how your ISP is trying to reach their servers.

    This is the solution that i propose to Nexon hopefully they read my long text lol..... Should help alot of users who instantly crash upon disconnection from either the server or their internet and to prevent them from crashing over and over as once it can reach a stable connection, it will keep it that way for awhile

    Thankfully it seems nexon has posted in regards to this problem and hopefully this thread can be merged with other threads to be a megathread by NXACuddles

    Post on them looking into it is here:

    I also suggest an option to disable auto login/auto character choose in options it can sometimes interfere with trying to re-login to the client and cause an instant crash out of client

    It seems nexon actually listens and is going through this solution. I hope everyone is able to stay connected through the new update this week
    "10053 Issue: We are adding a new feature to the game with Chaos Rising Update that helps mitigating disconnections on November 8th. This change will automatically seek to re-establish connection with the server, and it’s highly likely you won’t notice the disconnection after we apply the change. Some of the cases you will see loading icon on the center for very short time, but if you are experiencing long disconnections, you may see multiple reconnection attempts."
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    It seems like certain applications running in the background could trigger this very error. I was using MidiEditor and my MS2 kept disconnected.. once I've shut off the MidiEditor somehow the connection in MS2 became stable. First I thought this could be a placebo effect but I am able to reproduce it... I suspect the application I was using has some processing conflicts with MS2... I fear that probably this might not jsut be the only application..

    Try download the MidiEditor and see if it occurs to you as well.