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I have spent some months developing a database fan-site and I figured I would publicly disclose their availability for the players in the founder's pack headstart and in time for the official launch. is a database fan-site to find more information about skills, items, maps, NPCs, and other aspects of MapleStory 2 game information.


Current information includes:
  • Leveling experience
  • Titles and which trophies unlock them
  • Skill information for each available class (including empowered versions of skills)
  • Dungeons, their missions, and their rewards
  • Quests and their rewards
  • Individual item, map, NPC, quest, and trophy information
  • Life skill information on crafting and gathering
  • Maid crafting information
  • Field boss timers
  • A recreation of the game's world map

Additionally, I have implemented a web-based template previewer for players making their own designs who cannot or do not want to boot up the game just to preview a change in their template, or people with computers incapable of running MapleStory 2 and image editing software simultaneously.


It is lacking nearly all furniture at the moment, but it has every UGC clothing, weapon, and mount. This web application is completely client sided, so any previewed texture is not uploaded anywhere at any time. I have made 4096x4096 template textures for each model, so if you want near-pixel-perfect UV-mapped templates or were frustrated with the default templates, they are accessible by choosing a model and clicking on the template link. The regions of each template have been color-coded to make it easier to identify what portion of a texture is mapped to what part of the game model. I have also created a house planner, but the high number of furniture items causes it to load unpleasantly slowly and its styling and functionality have not been updated since May, so I have disabled it until I can address these issues.

There is still a lot I have to do - namely tertiary item details and other miscellaneous information - but I am open to suggestions for what can be improved or added. You can post any feedback or suggestions in this thread or through the website and I will be sure to read them.

Posts titled "Site improvements" detail what was added/changed since the last "Site improvements" post.


  • LoqLoq
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    It seems like so much hard work and thought process went into this, so why is it just now that i found out about it? why is this not blowing up ????
  • LoqLoq
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    ok !!!

    for months, ever since Beta test 2 I have been asking everyone where the heck is the musical fountain or the uplifting tune quest, for months!!! and i ask the world chat, i ask the channel chat, i have ask the guild i have been in, i have asked the tria discord i have asked the ugc discord, but no one ..... No one knows.

    I went to google, i asked google in English, I asked Google in Korean, still i could not find this damn quest.

    and not just 10mins ago, i came across this nifty site, and i went to the quest section, and i was like " i bet they don't even have it " and to my surprise the quest was there Q,Q the heavens, the heavens has answered my damn question finally.

    not only was the quest there, the previous quest needed to do it was there also.

    Yall *ishes, yall been sleeping on this damn game, yall been sleeping on the good UGC, buying those damn akatsuki robe, NARUTO is over, its been over ever since episode 1 of boruto, and y'all been sleeping on this site. **** y'all.

    Finally got my Musical Aquamarine dye.
  • AlilatiasAlilatias
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    You know what? I'm surprised this site has gotten like zero attention. It's really the only English resource site I've come across.

    You should also add in costume sets from the Korean version that haven't been released in Global yet. Moreover, weapon costume sets that come from the style crate since we cannot preview those in-game. There's no database of those besides scouring through the Korean website, and even that is incomplete as they tend to leave out a few weapon previews from their patch notes.
  • DemogaroseDemogarose
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    aaaaaaaand BOOKMARKED
  • CandleCandle
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    Since last sunday, I've added a page for boss timers and locations, life skill information, the various crafting recipes and bio information for assistants, and quest chapters. I've also made quest categorization more accurate and updated gear scores on individual pieces of equipment to be close, but not perfect, to values present in-game.