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To the people who like this game

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I've been curious since launch why people after level 60 and collecting everything still enjoys playing the game?


  • sosoonsosoon
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    IMO the adrenaline from bursting people and escaping etc. seeing your name on the killfeed feelsgoodman. Sometimes doing the right ani cancels or playing the terrain correctly and outplaying one or several oppenents can be satisfying.
  • MoQa_BianQaMoQa_BianQa
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    For me it's the urge to play MS2 that keeps me logging in.
    Also, I find battle royale games fun, but am not a big FPS person, so this is one of the few options available.
  • WliaWlia
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  • PexcellPexcell
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    it was like a deadly game of hide and seek o.o so much fun ehehe
  • DocDoomDocDoom
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    Pokerkirby wrote: »
    I've been curious since launch why people after level 60 and collecting everything still enjoys playing the game?

    Because why not? I mean, that's the spirit of any MMO, MS2 has so much to offer, the level cap is just a formality, the game itself has so much stuff to do and is really fun!
  • MintyliciousMintylicious
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    I find myself actually missing Mushking Royale from time-to-time. XD
  • GotexGotex
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    Honestly the customization is really fun besides the game play. After 60 the game doesnt end at all haha. There is loads more to do! I can spend hours in the game just designing my house and cloths and never level up. Or like others say just chat with people play music. What bores me the most is an MMO that only has end game quests and NOTHING else to do in the end but grind the same dailys. This game still does have that but it also has, music, fishing, farming, UGC designing, Creating your house, and a nice social community. So even thought the max is 60 the fun goes on!
  • SpiralofvertigoSpiralofvertigo
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    Just so everyone knows this post is about Mushking Royale not the main game haha.