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Runeblade Class

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I'm hella hyped about this new class, how about you guys?


  • KittyRenaKittyRena
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    I'm not too keen on it because I really love priest but maybe I'll try it after maxing priest.
  • XphobiaXphobia
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    Part 2
  • BearSenseiBearSensei
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    i am cause its my main, but i am sad Nexon screwed over the people who bought founders its shame :(
  • PureYukiPureYuki
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    i honestly want soul binder as my main but waiting for it to come
  • MarchinBunnyMarchinBunny
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    Hmm, well I am planning on maining a Berserker. I may try to Runeblader at some point, but it would probably be far off into the future. It looks interesting.

    Personally, I have always preferred classless games like Mabinogi. So I can have my main, and don't have to make alts to play a different skill set or can even mix and match.
  • RurumoRurumo
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    I'm hyped for it because it's one of the few classes that has a unique play style. Thief is another. The rest of the classes feel like re-skins to me.
  • XxPoseidonxXXxPoseidonxX
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    It's a top-tier class in the other versions of MS2 pre- and post- awakening. The release schedule irks me a bit because of this reason. The way GMS2 is going it may not matter because of the loss of options to "fund" a character, but in the other versions with sufficient funding this class naturally outperforms many of the others.
  • SoulXCloudSoulXCloud
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    Runeblader is pretty cool, it has a pretty nice crit damage party buff which is nice. As Poseidon said it is top tier but to be honest, all classes are top tier if you are good at the class. Side not for you Soulbinder mains save 100-300 onyx every 1000 onyx so when Soul Binder does drop you have a storage of Onyx to max out the gear you obtain instantly to put it up to to par. Runeblader mains keep all your onyx from October 1st to 10th and use all of it on Runeblader once it drops.