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Mushking royale feedback.

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Apart from the game mode being widely hated by everyone I talk to in the game for a number of reasons, half of the time it's not even playable. It's not exactly an amazing way to hype up release by releasing a terrible game mode very few people enjoy filled with bugs and exploits that hardly get fixed. The only bugs that did get fixed at a reasonable pace was the meret shop being able to be used. Nexon releases a 2x exp and forgets about it can cant even fix it and host it on another day as compensation and instead goes with releasing more every weekend which would've happened anyway assuming they released 2 lots on the 2 weekends prior; but that's fine. If you don't want to play at all because you hate it that much you can always dump your wallet in the game for a ridiculous 1000 merets per level once the discount is over and if you thought Nexon wasn't money hungry like always founders don't even get their merets to spend on the new stuff so they have to dump more money than they already paid to get the pass or exp potions.

As a suggestion for Nexon, Maybe don't release an unfinished game mode with tons of game breaking bugs like teleporting through maps, authentication errors, the white screen bug, exploits, and the current bug that stops you playing all together since it thinks you aren't logged in. It doesn't make us hyped for the game it just makes us tired of dealing with your games problems. I'm only writing this post since I can't even access the game anymore. For the love of god just fix your game before you do all these promotional events.


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    The concept of adding an already overrated genre into a game that more than likely won't be compatible with was already at a doorstep to failure. Although it might have hoped to hold a candle to some success in Nexon Korea where games are well supported, it won't be the case for Nexon America. I'm not bashing on Battle Royale, I think it's a fun genre and it has proven well that it's popular. But to add something like that into an MMO, especially one that has good potential like MS2, is IMO a huge mistake. So yeah overall, I agree with you. Whatever chances MKR had at good gameplay was thrown out the window when it was released as a half-ass attempt at trying to pull players in with more than enough bugs, exploits and worst of all, poor connection.

    I won't complain all that much since they let us know what's coming and what to expect in terms of the full release of the game. But knowing that they went out of their way to invest time and effort into supporting Mushking(or trying to) rather than polishing for a solid, stable release of the main game, I can't help but be upset even though it's been out already for such a long time, including beta tests.

    I just hope that those who played it found it rewarding, or at least by their valued definition. Even the possible pro that could've resulted out of all the cons for players was destroyed with the fact that all that time spent grinding out levels for rewards were made meaningless with the p2w potions that were released. It's just a mess honestly, but the worst part is... I'm not really surprised, and I doubt the majority are, either.

    My only suggestion I have for Nexon is... please, please stabilize the connections. There are tons of other problems but that goes for any other game on release, so I kind of understand. The number one reason why most lose players right off the bat, though? Connection stability. So far, it's not looking pretty, so we can only hope :(