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[FEEDBACK] Game Crashes


  • SteezychanSteezychan
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    My ticket with support had told me this near the end of our failures to fix this issue.

    "Please be advised that this issue has been forwarded to our Game Development Team for further investigation."
  • AieAie
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    Posts: 157
    I literally just crashed RIGHT before we killed the boss in lingering darkness i...
    these crashes are getting ridiculous how are you guys going to handle the servers on the 10th?
  • ChimesChimes
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 430
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    Server: US West Coast
    Error Code: D0000
    Description: Crashing every 3-5 minutes. Disabled firewall and have done every suggestion throughout the forums and net about this code error to try fixing it and nothing seems to work. I have stopped running the majority of my processes and still nothing seems to fix the issue.
  • LemonCanineLemonCanine
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 505
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    -Server North America East
    -Error message that you are recieving? None whatsoever :/
    -When did the crashes start? I don't recall, but so far it's only been once.
    -Where do the crashes happen? Anywhere I guess, when I open the life skills menu. It has a habit of slowing the game down when I open it most times.
  • MeAboveAllMeAboveAll
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    Serv - European
    - 10053 error code.
    - It started after the last patch only on the 18th of novembeer
    - I have done like usually just hard dungeon farming and always inside the dungeon so I couldn't get back and ended up being a burden to the party.
  • ValkyrieBlueValkyrieBlue
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 710
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    -Server North America East
    -Error message that you are recieving? D0000
    -When did the crashes start? The night I installed the game, stopped for a day or two, started back up as of writing this post.
    -Where do the crashes happen? EVERYWHERE
  • KazeKatakageKazeKatakage
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    edited 8:35AM October 23, 2018
    NXACuddles wrote: »
    Hey Maplers. Our team has been receiving reports regarding game crashes after the September 12th Maintenance. In order to further troubleshoot this issue we would like to gather the following information from those who are experiencing these crashes:

    - Server
    - Error message that you are receiving
    - When did the crashes start? (Date and approximate time)
    - Where do the crashes they happen?
    (ex. character login screen, during Mushking matches, exiting Mushking matches, using certain skills etc.)

    I installed this game on Sunday, October 21, 2018 through Steam. I was able to play for a good 8 hours. However, those were not constant 8 hours. Between every 5 minutes to 2 hours, the game would just freeze and crash to desktop with no error code thrown. Didn't matter where I was or what I was doing. It would do this at these intervals no matter what. When I booted the game back up, it was as if nothing happened. It's the weirdest thing, and I have no other games that have issues like this.

    To recap:
    - Platform: Steam (PC)
    - Server: North America East
    - Error Message: None; game exits and goes back to desktop
    - When did the crashes start? (Date and approximate time) : October 21, 2018 (first install), ~3:00PM EST
    - Where do the crashes happen?: Anywhere and everywhere, but usually if I am entering in dungeons, changing areas, entering/exiting a cutscene, or are idle for more than 1 minute.

    My OS and PC specs are as follows:
    - OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
    - CPU: AMD FX 4130
    - GPU: NVIDIA GeFroce GTX 970
    - RAM: 8GB DDR3
    - 2 Harddrives: 250GB SSD, 1TB Hybrid. (Installation is on the Hybrid drive with 435GB free.)
    - Powersupply: Rosewill Quark Series 850W
    - 2 Monitor setup, with usually nothing running on the second monitor. (If something is running on the second monitor, it's usually YouTube and/or some kind of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.) using FireFox.)
    - I use an XBOX 360 controller while I play.
  • xGeniusxxGeniusx
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    edited 12:29AM October 26, 2018
    -Server: SA also any other server as well, tested
    - Error message that you are receiving? Disconnected from server. (code = 10053) Would you like to reconnect?
    - When did the crashes start? new to maple2 so, since I completed the tutorial part
    - Where do the crashes happen? every map, level 35 now and been getting disconnections all over the place, any map, any dungeon, every 5 mins
  • ReiiamaReiiama
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 640
    Posts: 25
    MS2 seems to have a serious issue with server requests timing out. I played from a location with 200kb/s download speed once, and setting foot in the Halloween mansion disconnected me 90% of the time while players were loading.

    While at home on a stronger connection, I almost never disconnect. I use a lower band of bandwidth from my Wi-Fi, as when I use the higher band I disconnect regularly.
  • MageThiefMageThief
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 415
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    I've been crashing randomly much too often, can sometimes be up to three times per hour. I'm pretty mad cause we were just about to defeat a Hard Dungeon boss but I got disconnected right at 10% of it's health.
  • zlOwOlzzlOwOlz
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 865
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    - Server: NA West
    - Error message that you are recieving: 10053
    - When did the crashes start: Every time I launch the client
    - Where do the crashes happen: Everywhere (farming/ranching at home, dungeon runs, dailies, etc)

    also can i get a refund on the limited elixirs that can't be bought? dying from disconnection and losing pots in dungeon runs should be refundable because we can't buy them and most of the priests are bots. even if I dodge the bosses attacks, I will definitely die to DC...
  • CosmicChocCosmicChoc
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 950
    Posts: 11
    After the chaos raising update I get disconnected like every 5mins and when I was able to play the gameplay is really laggy only getting about 10-20FPs and sometimes when I play it’s like playing 3sec in the past.
  • BugReporterBugReporter
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 620
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    edited 9:40PM November 16, 2018
    - Server: NA West
    - Error message that you are receiving: No error message, game just closes (along with Nexon launcher)
    - When did the crashes start? Since the first day I been playing (about 1-2 weeks after official launch)
    - Where do the crashes they happen? They always happen every ~2hrs, unless I restart the game. It seems to be a RAM issue as the longer I have opened the game the more RAM it seems to use, so perhaps a memory leak of some sort.

    Other Info: I'm using Windows 10

    Edit: Actually, after the latest patch (11/15) I have been able to stay more than 2 continuous hours without a crash. I still have to monitor if there is still a memory leak but at least it seems fixed for now.