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[EVENT] Mushking Royale EXP Weekend - Week 3


  • yukheiiyukheii
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    "We apologize for the error, and would like to make it up to you by extending the bonus time to the next three weekends not making it up to you!" FTFY. Also, this really means nothing for those like me who have reached 60 before this sad excuse of an announcement so uhhhhhhhh idk maybe give us double coins or something????
  • lolisymlolisym
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    I don’t even play MKR and I feel insulted
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  • FluffernutFluffernut
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    this is so pathetic though :/

    It was so obvious you were already planning to do exp boosts every weekend until launch. Why? because how else would you keep MKR alive?
    The channels are already dead on NAE, the most popular server, and having exp boosts every weekend is a logical way to combat that..
    So you either thought the playerbase was stupid enough not to notice, or just simply not to care if they did?

    I agree with the other posts here, exp tonics in the mail, coin boosts, or anything of that sort would have been a lot better.
  • SubglaciousSubglacious
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    extending the bonus time to the next three weekends!
    extending the bonus time the next three weekends!

    ez fix

    earn double EXP
    Can this be changed to +100% EXP for accuracy?

  • CylilCylil
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    So guess despite GMS2 showcasing that they'd be removing a lot of pay to win features in their version of the game (like removing the feature of cash shop costumes having stats), they're not above still trying to take advantage of all the exp grind complaints and just flat out sell exp to people. (it's not even a 2x exp booster, just flat out exp)

    This really sucks, as Maplestory 2 is one of the newest mmo's to actually go back and focus on an element that a lot of mmo's these days seem to miss; Community building.
    But their stupid jump into the battle royale bandwagon, and their ever-searching goal to trying to squeeze the most money is tearing this community apart, before it's even officially launched the game.
  • Pineapple1124Pineapple1124
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    Oh, when I read the extended bonus xp, I thought they meant like giving us 4 hours xp boost, instead of 2 hours.
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