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VFM Introduction - Srslyrly

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Greetings Maplers!

For those of you who don’t know me, feel free to call me Min or Minny.

I currently live in Seattle and will be playing MapleStory 2 on NA West, but I plan on visiting the other servers at some point! I’ll be maining a Priest and thinking of either an Assassin or Thief for my next character.

When I’m not playing MapleStory 2 (or lurking the forum), I’m most likely…
  • In a food coma
  • Binge-watching shows on Netflix/Hulu
  • Playing Rainbow Six Siege and other games
  • Hanging out at a bar or hookah lounge
  • Singing my heart out at karaoke
  • Bowling or hitting up the arcade
  • Attending local events

With that said, I’m VERY excited and thankful for this opportunity to serve as one of your moderators!

Message me here in the Forum or on Discord if you have any questions or concerns. :)


See you around!
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