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Stardust (NA-East) [Movie Nights, Contest, Raids]

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Hello! I'm the Guild Leader of Stardust. We are a Lv12 Semi-Hardcore Guild on NA East, looking to recruit active & friendly players. If you're wanting to join a very active and very social Guild that has 80+ Active guildies..We do daily and weekly guild quest together and if you're an artist or a music lover, we will happily take you in and anyone who likes cute and adorable things! Our guild dailies are at 5pm, 8pm, and 12am EST. We are mostly a night guild. We do Guild Raids on Saturdays after GQ Daily at 8pm and Monday after 8pm.

We want people who are Raid ready, or close to being raid ready. Don't be discouraged if you're not close. apply anyway. If you're willing to work hard to keep a position in our guild, we'd like to have you anyway. We have a few members who are working to get close to being raid ready, we don't discriminate. We want people to have at least 800 trophies and 10k GS.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. My Discord is: Geminis#1686, honestly contacting me on discord is probably the best way to apply.

Stay active, we dont bite or anything if you cant make raids etc. But you have to communicate with us,
if you don't communicate...then we wont communicate with you. You'll just be kicked and that will be the end of that. We have a 5 day policy and we like to honor it as much as possible. We're really a great bunch and we have raid commanders that are willing to help you get geared and help with end game content.

We don't enforce Dailies and Weekly's on anyone. Just know if you're missing them, you're cheating yourself. The guild funds are to benefit you and to get Gems/Noodles for raids.

We encourage you to live your lives as much as possible and to focus in school/work if need be, don't feel obligated to have to be here for everything. Make sure you talk to the the leaders if you need to leave for more than 5 days.

Must HAVE Discord. (You don't need a mic)

This will be a friendly Guild, no negativity, no sexual harassment, and no LGBTQ bashing, please.


Knight: HIGH
Berserker: LOW
Wizard: MEDIUM
Priest: HIGH (Dire need)
Archer: HIGH
Heavy Gunner: LOW
Assassin: LOW
Thief: LOW
Rune Blader: LOW
Soul Binder: HIGH



(We will only take those that are Lv 70, 10K GS AND 800 TROPHIES)

IGN (In-Game Name):
Trophy Count:
Time Zone:
Online Hours:
Reason for Joining:
Gear Score:

Please send to me on discord or comment on this thread with this application format filled.
We accept New and Old Players! :3

SO there are some benefits to joining us!


We give out Rewards on a monthly basis! (merits etc)
Movie Time with your guild mates! (we stream movies/tv shows for everyone to watch together)
Mini Game Event Night(Mini Games made by us in the housing in game example: Family Feud, Parkour races, Mazes, ETC
Art contest!
Guildie Black Market with Discounted prices lower than the actual BM in game.
We have Guild Mate of the month
Mario Kart Nights
Smash Bros. Nights
Nintendo Club

I encourage art/music people to join! But we really want Active guildmates!

ALTHOUGH IT'S NOT REQUIRED THAT YOU HAVE 10,000 GEAR SCORE, WE ENCOURAGE IT. IF YOU DON'T HAVE THAT MUCH GEAR SCORE BUT ARE WILLING TO PUT THE EFFORT TO GET IT HIGHER, APPLY ANYWAY. AND MAKE SURE YOU PUT DOWN, WILLING TO GET GS UP! We will help you 100% to get you where you need to be, we are also very social and like to include everyone. So make the same effort.

* We are in Dire need of someone who knows raids well and has experience and willing to work with those who need it. We are very friendly and are all trying to get geared up to do more raids together.


  • MuftixMuftix
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    IGN: Aquarius
    Class: Priest
    Time Zone: Eastern Time (ET)
    Online Hours: I Got No Life
    Reason for Joining: I want friends.
  • GeminisGeminis
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    I also forgot to mention there will be rewards for those that stay active. So please stay active.
  • XielonXielon
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    IGN (In-Game Name): Ri
    Class: Undecided, but Assassin or Wizard? C:
    Time Zone: CENTRALLLL
    Online Hours: /never sleeps/
    Reason for Joining: Name is adorable! Also seems super fun to progress in the game while enjoying other aspects of the game. Interested in meeting others who will also be interested in art/music~ *-*
  • GeminisGeminis
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    awww. <3 you're in the right place. thanks. add me on discord!
  • GeminisGeminis
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    WE HAVE ONLY 7 Spots left!
  • DunvarDunvar
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    IGN (In-Game Name): Dunvar
    Class: Heavy Gunner
    Time Zone: CST
    Online Hours: 12PM to whenever
    Reason for Joining: I would just like to find a community where I can make friends and have some people to play with.
  • SkyborneSkyborne
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 1,070
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    IGN (In-Game Name): Cielo
    Class: Beserker (I'm planning on making some alts in the far future)
    Time Zone: EST
    Online Hours: not sure yet... Need to figure out my working hours. For now, 12pm to 11pm.
    Reason for Joining: I need friends lol

    ( ^_^ )>
  • GeminisGeminis
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    Posts: 31
    Sent you both a message. :D 4 spots left guys!
  • Spats_Spats_
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    edited 4:16AM September 24, 2018
    IGN: Spats
    Class: I'm a Priest one-trick-pony.
    Time Zone: Pacific (PST)
    Online Hours: I don't even know what time it is, so yes.
    Reason for Joining: I like the guild name and movie nights sound super fun.
    Also if you'd like to contact me please do it over discord, I'm 9000% more likely to see it there than on this website. (Spats#0001)
  • GeminisGeminis
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    Our guild is full but we are starting a waiting list.. so if you're interested and wanting to join the waiting list... till we can upgrade the guild. You're welcome to join us.
  • TransparentsTransparents
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    IGN (In-Game Name):Rule34
    Time Zone:ADT (Atlantic Daylight Time)
    Online Hours:6 - 12(Maybe less depending if I have work or not)
    Reason for Joining: You seem as dedicated as I am to the game and reading your post I thought your guild was perfect to join, I'd love to reach end game content with you guys and hopefully be of help!
    I bought the founders pack(Legendary) So I'm ready to play asap! :)

    Discord: Gun#8651
  • JaqenJaqen
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    IGN (In-Game Name): Jaqen
    Class: Knight possible Rune blader
    Time Zone: -5 EST
    Online Hours: 30+
    Reason for Joining: looking for a fun place to join the game with!
  • LuminecentLuminecent
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    IGN (In-Game Name): Luminescent
    Class: Mage or Priest
    Time Zone: Eastern
    Online Hours: College student so my time is quite random, but i will be on every day. I have the Legendary Founders pack so I won't be wasting that.
    Reason for Joining: Looking for a social, nice, and competitive community, as well as a cute guild name, Stardust fit the bill.
  • GeminisGeminis
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    Add me on discord guys. :D
  • SvverveSvverve
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 210
    Posts: 3
    Added on discord. My tag is Quinlan#8606
  • GeminisGeminis
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 710
    Posts: 31
    We are still recruiting, but you will be put on a Waitlist until the next upgrade. We highly encourage Artist/Musicians to join our guild.
  • YoGabbaYoGabba
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    IGN (In-Game Name): Dooker34
    Class: Priest
    Time Zone: EST
    Online Hours: Noon-4pm then a break for dinner/house stuff - then back on again around 9pm-midnight usually
    Reason for Joining: I love this game for the cuteness and style as well as all the social aspects. My current Music/artist guild is a tad on the dead side it seems recently so I'm looking for a more active and social guild to belong to. I'm currently 2700 GS, but I only just finished my first Hard dungeon today, mind you I only started playing the game less than 2 weeks ago and took my time and did a lot of music stuff so I'm a bit behind on the gearscore, but I'm definitely working on it now.
    If you want to get a hold of me, I'm most reachable via Discord - Dookie#2639
  • LorraLorra
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    Maple Guide
    Added you on discord! Lorra#4130
  • peridoughperidough
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    EDIT: internet/site glitched out and made me double post, sorry if you saw that mess! fixed application is down there!
  • peridoughperidough
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    EDIT: HALF THE POST GOT DELETED WHEN I POSTED IT??? THANKS NEXON please dont glitch out this time lol

    IGN (In-Game Name): peri

    Class: wizard

    Time Zone: mst

    Online Hours: well.. the real problem is if i'll wake up in the morning haha. generally i'll get up around 3 pm est, maybe a bit earlier, and spend most of my time online during the very late hours! so 12pm-3am

    Reason for Joining: my past few guild experiences were not good at all... i first joined a hardcore one, where the leader was incredibly power hungry and rude, he demanded too much out of me and i was overwhelmed constantly and left. then i tried a casual guild, but quickly realized that i enjoy the more hardcore aspects of the game too much. i absolutely love doing guild dailies, hanging out, helping others, raids, or just messing around in general!! so i've finally decided to check out a semi-hardcore guild cause i feel like that's right for me! right in the middle between hardworking, but not stressful. i'm also an artist, so when you said you're looking for artists, i was instantly interested! you can see my most recent work of my character right here!