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Constant D/C + Error 10053

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I recently switched to Optus NBN and have been unable to play since then due to constant disconnections. The internet itself is fine with no interruptions to service and everything else loads fast. Only issue is when I play MS2 it keeps kicking me out ever 30s or so and sometimes gives me the error 10053. My ping in game is between 30-50 and there is no lag. I have tried playing on different computers and they all have the same result. After testing, the disconnects happen simultaneously on all devices logged into Maplestory 2. If I use a VPN, then the issue is resolved. I was wandering if anyone had any idea how to fix this issue without use of VPN?


  • KaiieaKaiiea
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    Because it works fine on the VPN and it is kicking you so quickly & consistently, it sounds like it is some type of software that is conflicting with the game running. I would try testing the settings of my firewall/antivirus/security software to see if that is causing the drops.
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    This just started happening to me today. I literally just logged on so I could spend my tokens and now I can't talk to npc's or do anything because I get instantly d/c'd everytime I reconnect.
  • FlutterbitsFlutterbits
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    edited 12:57AM September 14, 2018
    I've been disconnecting more often recently, I'm not sure if it's just me or if anyone else has been having the same issue.
  • CubeNoobCubeNoob
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    I've been disconnecting more often recently, I'm not sure if it's just me or if anyone else has been having the same issue.

    I've yet to disconnect but my latency has gone up and spikes up past 120ms. I've not yet had this and also in the royale park lobby I see duplicate users indicating something is wrong..
  • ComputerComputer
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    I'm getting something similar. I have started D/Cing today when previously it's never happened. I'm also getting large ping spikes, it used to be stable between 50-100. Now it goes between 150-300, which started happening after the recent update. It definitely needs to be resolved, since I've seen other people complaining of it.
  • HosuHosu
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    I had this issue during CBT2 and Nexon support basically told me it was my internet. At that time it was Beta acceptance only so I couldn't find anyone with similar problems and had to give up on 5 days of CBT 2.

    Now I KNOW its Nexon's problem. Fix it.
  • AlexFromCaliAlexFromCali
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    1) Make sure Nexon Launcher is exited. Check your start menu programs on the bottom right.
    2) Run Nexon Launcher as administrator
    3) Hit play on MS2 through the Nexon launcher
    3a) If you run MS2 through any other method you are bound to get error messages.