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[EVENT] Opening Weekend Template Giveaway

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Not finding an outfit in Mushking Royale that suits your mood? This weekend, we're giving away T-Shirt and Shorts Templates to anyone that logs in, so that you can experience the power of MapleStory 2's creation tools for yourself and get your character looking as unique and sharp as possible!


Event Duration
  • PDT (UTC -7): 5:00 PM August 24th - 10:00 AM August 27th
  • EDT (UTC -4): 8:00 PM August 24th - 1:00 PM August 27th
  • BRT (UTC -3): 9:00 PM August 24th - 2:00 PM August 27th
  • CEST (UTC +2): 2:00 AM August 25th - 7:00 PM August 27th
  • AEST (UTC +10): 10:00 AM August 25th - 3:00 AM August 28th


Event Details
  • Log in during the event to claim the Template Gift Box, containing:
    • T-Shirt Template (M/F)
    • Shorts Template (M/F)
  • Gender of template granted is based on the character's gender
  • Items created with the rewarded templates cannot be sold in the Design Shop
  • Template Gift Box can be claimed once per region


  • GunPowderGunPowder
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    That's pretty awesome, not going to lie!
  • DanDKDanDK
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    Hmm, these are the ones that cost mesos and not Merets? Well, it's free so thanks anyway :p
  • ultrakatizultrakatiz
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  • AlzackAlzack
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    Thank you very much for free templates, I'll make sure to keep them safe until headstart and official launch.
    Kind regards!
  • KirionKirion
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 400
    Posts: 3
    Free temps, this is awesome~ thank you!
    The designing our own clothing and stuff is by far my fave features of this game. ^^
    Don't know what I'm gonna make with these temps yet, but I'm super exited. <3
  • Big_DaddyBig_Daddy
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    edited 5:20AM August 27, 2018
    Loved it, thanks!
  • sehjunsehjun
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    edited 9:19PM September 26, 2018
    Can you make it possible to trade the free templates between characters of our account? I've left the items inside the bank and then deleted my character (I wanted to change names). Now my other characters (even of the same gender) cannot take the items out of the bank to use :C